Anyone with experience with gut testing?


Anyone with experience with gut testing. I just had a comprehensive stool analysis done through genova diagnostics and it showed a shortage of “good” bacteria and it showed an overabundace of Klebesiella bacteria (bad) and another “bad” bacteria My integrative doc wants to treat me with the antibiotic cipro for 2 weeks and then work on restoring my good bacteria with a strong probiotic an of course good diet. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. My daughter took it late last year and is suffering with what it has done to her muscles and joints. Other people she has met in a FB group have become crippled after using it. Healthy, athletic people. You don't know how it may affect you. I wouldn't risk it. Fecal transplants have successfully helped people with C diff. and may be an alternative for you.

  2. well as a kid 50+ years ago my mom dictated raw almonds and that seemed to work. i found this in a google search and it seems to have all the ingredients found in a multitude of reports …

  3. What other meds have fluoride in them?

  4. Cipro has a Black Box warning I think. I think it caused slot of my leg troubles

  5. If there is any way to avoid fluoroquinolones antibiotics do it. Still on the dozen year journey to heal my body from Cipro and Levaquin. They are evil and too many MDs do not understand their danger. They not only do their own harm to the body but they damage the immune system (some believe your very DNA) that they open the door to many other AI issues and other health problems. I believe you can do it without them if you find an experienced functional MD that has dealt with healing Klebesiella bacteria and others.

  6. I have bacterial dysbiosis. Cipro was the antibiotic the was suppose to work. The only antifungal that was tested to work was grapefruit seed extract. When nothing changed with the grapefruit seed extract, I went on Cipro for 7 days. Nothing changed from that either. At least I have no side effects from it as of yet. I am taking probiotics and eating lots of fermented veggies and hope I can get to the bottom of this. I may also take a combination of antifungals and see if I have luck with that.

  7. No cipro…

  8. An integrative doc prescribing cipro? Run fast

  9. If you go the antibiotics route hopefully there's something besides Cipro (and related abx's) that will work for you. My mum and I were both very unlucky taking Cipro and ended up with neuropathy which started in the feet and crept up the legs. Be careful.

  10. Careful with cipro, black label warning but they really leave it up to you to do your own research to find out how bad it can be. I have mild pain and injuries from cipro in comparison to the stories I have heard.

  11. Cipro!!!! Pooh that's a bad one. To fix the gut issue? An integrative Dr wants to use an antibiotic? That's odd to me.

  12. Research Cipro. It's a "last resort" antibiotic. I know people who have bad side effects many years down the road and are just finding out Cipro is the cause. Can't undo the damage.

  13. Any antibiotic is going to kill any good bacteria you have…my understanding is that you increase the good bacteria, you can not get rid of all of the bad bacteria, to keep the bad in check

  14. The video is about a new generation of product's that is just coming onto the market and is a attempt to sell a product. I was keeping in mind that I needed a high potency, with many different strains and I was able to find something in my health food store that I believe is as good if not better (it's a formula for women's issues ).

  15. My integrated med dr recommended garlic and oregano oil,not cipro.

  16. The other problem with Cipro is that it is flourinated… Read more:

  17. Cipro???? Yikes!!!! Get new doctor!!!

  18. Cipro, avoid it if possible 2 surgeries for microscopic tears in both tendons

  19. There is a class action lawsuit in the works for the many people who have suffered permanent nerve damage from cipro/levequin/avelox!!! Beware! Look into FMT the power of poop website is a good place to start, or if you are interested in joining the FMT and bacteriatherapy FB group, PM me for more info on how to join. There is a wealth of info on that group


    I was diagnosed with SIBO and was given the antibiotic Xifaxan, I had a bad reaction to Avelox, nasty drugs.

  20. Jeff Rehrauer, I will try to find this post again later and post more info. I'm a Holistic Health Practitioner and I have worked sucessfully with people on this problem If you don't hear from me on this again please tag me or send me a PM – it will just be that I couldn't find the post. Off out now and haven't got enough time to elaborate!!

  21. go to a probiotic expert and see what specific probiotics you need for that specific condition.and take the highest dose you can take-close to 100 billion a pill or over

  22. I agree with Andreea.

  23. I had the same test done and it showed klebsiella too. I have been trying plant tannins but they don't agree with me either. Hesitating over whether to try antibiotics – I've already exhausted the diet/probiotic options.

  24. cipro is not a good antiobiotic – can they give u a nicer one better on the body x

  25. vsl3 is best probiotic around

  26. I like vsl3 and have been on 2 sachets a day for nearly 2 years but they have a manufacturing issue at the moment and I can't get any!

  27. I have not read all of the above comments, so forgive me if I am repeating someone else. I suggest researching "leaky gut syndrome" All you need to do is heal your gut" I say that is all you need to do; however doing that takes a lot of changing on your part and it can take 9 months to a year. The best probiotic is drinking homemade "kefir"…do you have any physical ailments? All the best to you!!!

  28. Jeff would you mind sharing how much the comp analysis test cost? For some reason Genova won't tell patients the prices.

  29. Maybe ask your integrative MD if GI Microbix, Berberine, or Oregano combinations would affect the bugs you tested for.

  30. Hi Again, please excuse me if you have already got an answer to your question. You need to get onto a probiotic called saccharomyces boulardii – it's a great temporary lodger to help reduce the 'bad bacteria' and make space for new, 'good bacteria'. You need to follow Doug Kaufmann's anti fungal diet and this will starve the klebsiella. Anti fungal diet will be necessary for at least 3 months then be careful you don't introduce all the sugars/carbs back into your diet. 2 months on the sacc b, then swap onto a good broad-spectrum probiotic like Mercola's Complete Probiotics. Using Apple Cider Vinegar if you like it for instance as a salad dressing is also good. Some people can tollerate drinking it diluted in water. Make sure you get the one with the 'mother' in it. Were there any other notable results in your test?

  31. Absolutely NO NO NO NO NO TO CIPRO and others in the fluoroquinolone category.
    PLEASE watch this

  32. (Cipro is a fluoroquinolone ^^^^^^)

  33. Google 'Elixa'

  34. cipro is horrible for me

  35. I'm getting my copy of the test and I'll know more

  36. please please keep us updated! i need to do something about my dysbiosis too. good to know what organisms you're dealing with…but is there maybe a more gentle approach? eg jnutra …they do neutraceuticals which i'm having a look at. definitely they can address parasites, then candida and more? how did you find genova to deal with? did you consider cyrex?

  37. No cipro. Bad stuff. This is an instance where high doses of ascorbic acid would be better imo. I know the general consensus here otherwise, but it would take several days of bowel tolerance vitamin c to help restore your balance. Afterwards you can add a quality probiotic to keep in balance.

  38. Antibiotics do have their place- when somebody is so ill that it can be dangerous to wait for more natural remedies to work. Bacterial pneumonia would be an example of when oral antibiotics are likely needed.

    For this, you could do something a lot more gentle and natural to kill off "most" of the bad bacteria, before starting on probiotics. Raw garlic is one option. The suggestion above to use high-dose ascorbic acid for a few days is another good idea- and far gentler than cipro!

  39. No Cipro or you might have to join another fb group flouroquinolone injured peopel

  40. What's the exact name of your Genova testing, Jeff Rehrauer? Thank you!

  41. Is there a test to see if you have fluoride in your system? Like a heavy metal screening? Anyone had a test like this? I have taken Cipro many times for UTIs and though I did not notice any side effects then. I get neuropathy as a side effect to most drugs now. Possibly previous damage? How do u flush fluoride, ( or aluminum or Mercury) out of your system?

  42. Cipro is bad stuff.

  43. Margarita it was the comprehensive stool analysis

  44. Other drugs that are fluoridated: Prozac, Paxil, Prevacid, Lipitor, Diflucan, and many more.

  45. So my official report shows my bad bacteria are aeromonas caviae and klebsiella oxytosa. Any thoughts. Natural agents to remove suggested berberine and Uva- ursi

  46. I had clostridium difficile and got rid of it naturally by eating a very whole food diet, nothing processed in a box, NO sugar, probiotics daily, lots of ferments, get your minerals, too. I was healed after 9 months and the way I learned to eat was worth being sick. I balanced my gut, and came out healthier because of my change in diet. The one thing I didn't do at the time was keep an intake of minerals so while I balanced my gut, I was sick for a while longer until I found this site and got the right bloods and the htma and Morley get me better with his recommendations.

  47. I didnt read other comments but DO NOT DO CIPRO!

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