Are all probiotics the same?


Are all probiotics the same? What should I notice after being on them a while?

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  1. Good question! There are different amounts of live cultures that are available. When I recently switched to dairy and egg free, I upped my daily probiotic to 50 billion live cultures for a couple of months to help my body adjust to the change. Now I’m taking a daily dose of 1 billion. \nI’ve noticed a calmer stomach when I eat food and easier digestion. I take one nightly before bed and it helps me be more regular as well. TMI-but I usually have a BM before breakfast which helps bloating and digestion throughout the day. I’ll see if I can find a good article.

  2. Thanks Sara! What brand have you been using?

  3. Pure Encapsulations

  4. It usually takes 20 to thirty days to effect your whole body. Yes, it does matter the quality of probiotics you purchase.

  5. You want several billion like 5 billion CFU and ones that have multiple strains. You need a lot for real effect. I usually take about 6 pills a day if I see a bit of yeast and it clears up.

  6. Wow! Do you take them throughout the day? Or all at bedtime?

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