Are Doritos gluten free in the US?


Are Doritos gluten free in the US? They’re not in Australia but our labelling laws are different so maybe I’m missing an ingredient?

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  1. Maltodextrin you might react…

  2. Some are some arent

  3. I’m new to this, what ingredients should you avoid??

  4. Yes they are. The sweet chili ones are the ones that are not.

  5. In Canada they used to not be Gluten Free but in the last year or so they have taken the wheat out of most of them, possibly all of them, I have not checked recently

  6. I think the cool ranch and nacho cheese are just made without gluten containing ingredients. Just yesterday I had some nacho cheese ones (which I had a LOT in the past) and felt super ill later. They are off the list now.

  7. They are made on shared lines

  8. That was what I was thinking Lenny. I knew I was playing with fire.

  9. The cool ranch is! The nacho cheese ones aren’t

  10. Doritos are gmo. All gmo should be avoided. That said, go try trader joes chips. They have a great gluten free chip option. I crush the corn chips there.

  11. I gotta really sick . be careful

  12. Doritos are safe

  13. That’s only some celiac’s that can’t handle corn. I for one can handle corn and I have celiac.

  14. Cross contamination

  15. We have eaten them without issue, but it is a matter of eat at your own risk.

  16. I eat it and I’ve never gotten sick, I’ve looked cool ranch up and it does say Gf

  17. Sarah Coombs

  18. Lenny did you post some where about a Costco protein drink? I was looking at a picture of someones that you and someone else else was talking about and now I can’t find it. I was interested in it.

  19. I notice something about all these posts…. a person asks a question about if it is GF or not. It’s a simple yes or no. I know people react to all sorts of different things, but looking at the ingredients, YES it is GF. Y’all muddy the waters for people who are new to this by commenting about reacting to corn or msg, etc… I truly mean no disrespect in stating this. I have been diagnosed for many years and only recently joined these type groups. If I were a newbie, I’d be so confused with all variables thrown in here.

  20. So the long and short of it is yes and no.
    The plain ones are GF.
    Some of the flavored ones don’t have any gluten containing ingredients..but that does NOT mean they are GF. They can be cross-contaminated during the manufacturing process.
    They are in two separate categories for a reason.

  21. CCs are, Doritos aren’t in Australia

  22. We eat Doritos all the time. Red and blue bags. And my son’s lab numbers dropped down to “normal” after a year despite his love of Doritos!.

  23. Frito lay products are all gluten free. They are made in a facility that does process gluten containing ingredients. They do their best to clean the lines that they process the food on to prevent cross contamination. So I’d say eat at your own risk.

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