Are haribo gold-bears gluten free?


Are these gluten free? Scanner says no because of dextrose. Which brings me to another question, dextrose contains gluten?

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  1. I thought they had actual wheat.

  2. Or no wait it’s the syrup. It comes from wheat or corn.

  3. call the company and ask to be sure but dextrose is a sugar from corn and is gf

  4. According to their website they contain wheat.

  5. There not gluten free or cruelty free

  6. They can cause explosive diarrhea as well….Not funny at all but kinda

  7. Hairbo brand is NOT gluten free

  8. These are GF and taste so amazing \n

  9. Not gluten free they used to be bit changed formula I got really sick

  10. No, I checked a package one time and I thought it had wheat listed. Those are/were my favorite candy so I know I read it somewhere that it had wheat in them.

  11. Don’t eat those unless you wanna pee out your butt for awhile

  12. May I ask what scanner – I was just told I have to eliminate gluten

  13. No not at all

  14. I got sooo sick on those!

  15. dextrose is basically corn syrup. No it doesnt have gluten in dextrose.

  16. I wish these were my absolute favorite candy but makes sense for the weight I’ve already lost was probably just from stopping to eat those. I had a bag every day or two. ?

  17. Yes, GLUTEN FREE. I am super sensitive and I can eat these. These are made in Germany, they don’t have the monster GMO Wheat yet, maybe that’s why? Black Forest makes GF Gummy Bears too, but those make me really sick.

  18. They used to be gluten free, but not anymore

  19. No. I had a bag that had wheat starch listed in the ingredients.

  20. This brand is pretty good

  21. The bears aren’t gluten free but their gummy cola candies are!

  22. There are lots of other gluten free trats

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