Are there any in the files?


Angered yet another doctor today with my refusal to take Hormone D. She wants journal articles before she will even consider a conversation. Are there any in the files?

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  1. Not how it's created to work. Get it directly from sun exposure, or indirectly from animals that did.

  2. What I have learned on here is that if you are low in vitamin D then you are most likely low in Magnesium. And if you just take vitamin D alone you will cause you mag to drop even lower and cause your Calcium to drop in the seriously low range as well.

  3. Find a new doctor!

  4. I don't hang out in the sun. The whole redhead thing. I get sun sick uber fast. I take vit D and mag.

  5. Marvie, my question is where is the evidence that vitamin D causes calcium and magnesium to drop

  6. Marvie, you are D-wrong. Taking hormone D will send your calcium into earth orbit which is BAD as in really BAD. Arlene, your body shuts down vitamin D synthesis before it reached toxic levels. You circumvent this safety feature by taking hormone D. Not smart.

  7. For the 10 millionth time Jj read the pinned post and the rules of this group.

  8. This is all very interesting and all but has anyone answered my question?

  9. David MacPhail I said the same thing you stated about vitamin D.

  10. I found 5-6 medical articles I posted above. I found those on quick look. Did you read those?

    What the master document indicates is that most doctors are over prescribing vit D without prescribing magnesium. That's why in the files it indicates the specific tests to get to determine magnesium, and your active and storage form of vit D. If in fact you are low in D as shown by the "complete" tests you can need supplementation. But not without testing all critical factors.

    The concern is that people only get one test run which doesn't give the full picture. You might not need D you might just need magnesium. But you don't know without the proper tests.

    There is a document called Serum or RBC which is better that indicates the tests you need to have.

  11. Is Vitamin D aka Hormone D? See it used interchangeably in the thread.

  12. I just realized while in the shower that by jumping in & responding I've been contributor to the breaking of this groups one rule. My most humble apologies to all & to all a good night.

  13. Leigh Ann Rumsey in her book, The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants, Judith DeCava lists 26 sources at the end of her chapter on Vitamin D (pp. 107, 108).

  14. Ok apparently discussing vitamin D is off limits. Sorry about that

  15. While discussing vit D isn't advised without tests. She is asking for proof and articles for why, which is completely different. She's asking for scientific case studies in order to have a proper discourse with her doctor. This group is about education. We should be educating not spouting dogma.

    What is traditionally referred to as vitamin D isn't really a vitamin it acts like a hormone in the body. So in this group it's called hormone D. Same thing.

  16. She's paying the doctor so let her research it. And, after all those years of school she doesn't know the full picture. Fire her!

  17. Check out the information covered on D… has a blog and Web site . THE PEOPLES CHEMIST

  18. Doesn't that go against why this group exists?

    We exist to help educate, provide resources, and help people gain a better understanding so that they can have an educated conversation with doctors instead of blindly taking MD advice.

    We are here to educate and inform.

    She is asking why about vit D not what.

  19. Here is a page that summarizes Morley's position on "D". Please read all the links and you will find the research citations.

  20. Jj Andrade – search this page and read the numerous, earlier threads on the issue. This group's owner has provided information many times and sees no benefit for repeated threads.

    Also see Group Rules which clearly state no discussing "D" without posting the values of the four "D" blood tests.

  21. Jj Andrade magnesium is a needed cofactor in converting 25 hydroxy D to the active or hormone 1,25 dihydroxy D, so people should be sure to take enough mag when taking D3. I think it's an overreach to say that D3 makes people deficient in mag, but since most people don't get enough of either, taking both together is a good idea, and knowing your levels thru testing is important. A 2,000 IU of D3 isn't a lot, as light skinned people can make 10,000 IU in their skin in the sun for 10 minutes (at southern latitudes). Dr. Michael Holick who has been researching vit D for 30+ years (and used to recommend very low D levels), has found that 2,000 IU is the amount needed daily just to maintain D status. More is needed to increase if a person is low. Vit D should be balanced with vit A as well. I have had much fewer viral infections by taking A & D, and less intense infections/high fevers. I took mag for years before starting D3, and it wasn't until I got my D up that the infections got better. They are even better now that I take preformed vit A. Lastly, anyone taking D3 should also get enough K2 to make sure the enhanced calcium absorption from the D3 actually gets into the bone instead of soft tissues like arteries. This article might help answer your original question
    There's so much research on D levels and cancer that I think getting levels up to 40 to 60 is likely prudent. My mom had very low D (despite taking lots of magnesium for years) and ended up with colorectal cancer. Along with many alternative treatments (various supplements), we got her 25 hydroxy D up to near 100. She is still alive 3 years later and maintains her D level between 40 and 60.
    You may also find this site helpful

  22. MJ Hamp
    The "Group Rules" are about discussing the "what" of vit D. She is asking for the "why" behind it.

    The articles, case studies, proof of concept and supporting arguments for what the group promotes. This is different.

  23. Melody Johnson – I understand that and please note that my comment was directed at a different individual.

  24. I just wanted to clarify for the original poster. It can be overwhelming for people looking for guidance when starting the journey 🙂

  25. Leigh Ann Rumsey – it's easy to take hormoe-d. 🙂 Go outside daily and soak up some sunshine, Mother Nature's finest source of D. Have some nice cod liver oil, too. Increase your Magnesium,

    The options for supplementing "D" without using the risky isolated D3 are listed in the Hormone-D summary page.

  26. Leigh Ann Rumsey – suggest your doctor phone Morely Morley Robbins. He likes having cozy little chats with docs to educated them on the issue of "D".

  27. Yes send the doc to Morley 🙂

  28. This was a reply i got to morleys vit d info on another forum that i posted link to…

    The link to Mag Man Does not HAVE any understanding how D3 works in your body – IT IS WRONG INFORMATION

    QUOTE “” ” Some authorities now believe that low 25(OH)D is a consequence of chronic inflammation rather than the cause.”””

    WRONG metabolite == ONLY D3 the parent Vitamin D3 can get access to cells and make the metabolites you need

    YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE 25D in the world BUT WITHOUT A DAILY INTAKE OF D3 ( The vitamin ) – then you may have strong bones but nothing more

    • However, CYP11A1 does not act on 25(OH)D3. •••> NO it only works on D3 ( vitamin D3 ) and that only has a half life of 24 HOURS === AND THAT IS WHAT CAUSES D deficiency

    Anyone thinking that if you have good levels of 25D and that is all that matters IS OUT OF DATE and MISINFORMED !

    “” Research over the last decade has revealed that CYP11A1 can hydroxylate the side chain of vitamin D3 at carbons 17, 20, 22 and 23 to produce at least 10 metabolites, with 20(OH)D3, 20,23(OH)2D3, 20,22(OH)2D3, 17,20(OH)2D3 and 17,20,23(OH)3D3 being the main products. However, CYP11A1 does not act on 25(OH)D3. “”

  29. Yes Arlene Roberts. Take magnesium, get sun and take cod liver oil and your d levels will improve. When I was in your shoes I took d and I got thinned bones at age 33.

  30. is a repository for scientific literature and easily mined.

  31. Jeff Mitzel Jj Andrade, et al…
    Please know that 99% of ALL documents on Google Scholar are paid for and presented by BIG Pharma… Unless you know the "code" you will NOT know the TRUTH of these "D"elightful and "D"eceitful research studies…

    Yes, I am a Conspiracist, except it's NO LONGER a Conspiracy when you can PROVE IT…

    As for the blah, blah, blah ^^^ Rob Crisdale, all I can say is that there is TRUE INTENT is getting folks to "D"rown in Hormone-D. It is the MOST over-rated and mis-understood miscreant in the ENTIRE field of nutrition…

    And if you elect to believe that blah, blah, blah, I've got BOTH a used-BMW and a Bridge that I'd like to sell ya!…

    Jj Andrade
    Please know, I find it most "D"isarming when ostensibly smart folks are sooooo easily "D"ecieved… I thought the credo for Harvard was "VERITAS"… Has that changed, too?…

    Please read:


  32. The D-ception just doesn't stop. A doctor was on the morning news making dire warnings about salt causing high blood pressure and heart disease cautioning people to carefully monitor their salt intake and keep it low. Meantime, I know people whose doctors have them on low fat diets. Arrrrghh.

  33. Clearly hormone D is D-umbing people D-own.

  34. Crickets

  35. Lol, jk!

  36. The People's Chemist is not part of the BIG PHARMA in fact just the opposite. He use to work for the big pharmas for years. Then Said enough is enough. He makes compelling statements. He has many following him. He also talks about Hormone D … in depth. Bottom line is he tells you just take Cod Liver Oil. He also tells you what brands are safe n trusted to deliver. His youtube cast are short n to the point. He walked from his 9 – 5 job to start exposing the bull s*** that they feed us through news and doctors in the list goes on and on very interesting to listen to what he has to say.. by no means am I involved with him or affiliated in any way. I have nothing to gain from him. I just wanted to share what I found n been learning from his info. Again to each your own. But having worked in the medical field and dealing with medical reps in what I know of. I definitely agree with what this man has to say.

  37. David MacPhail if you don't agree or believe what is put out on here then why do you partake? To me it is Dum_down of you to frequent and partake in a forum you don't believe in the information that is brought fourth .

  38. Marvie B Cauffman
    Just for the record, David MacPhail is one of the MOST enlightened and savvy members of MAG… You misunderstand his comments and his humor… Follow his lead and you, too, will be out-biking guys 1/2 your age…


  39. Morley Robbins, not true that 99% of is Pharma paid. NIH and open source journals are there. My favorite independent scientists on topic of vaccine concerns are there. It is a repository for all science— both good and bad.

  40. I agree David MacPhail is a true inspiration to me. His knowledge is outstanding.

  41. Jeff Mitzel
    Fair enough…

    Let me put it this way… 99% of folks who read articles on Google Scholar are NOT savvy enough to know FACT from FICTION… I know I wasn't when I started out 7 years ago…

    But now with ~2,500 articles under my belt, I can very quickly assess the BS factor in those studies and determine the gist of the study and the extent to which they HONOR or DEFAME the natural metabolism of the human body…

    It is NOT in print — that much is for sure!…

    A votre sante!

  42. Most of what is represented as Science today is really $cience with an emphasis on $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  43. A good overview of the cholesterol misinformation campaign. When the "cholesterol and/or saturated fat is bad for you” statin sales pitch lost its legs, the pharmaceutical companies simply switched to “statins prevent cancer”.

  44. Jj Andrade Do some research on Vitamin D Binding Protein. It is incredibly complex and due to that fact, one of the reasons it is not shared too much in this group. I feel that I've gained some ground in understanding by looking at it. It is referred to in the Mag HANES study. Magnesium normalizes the Vit DBP.

  45. Marsha Scheitlin
    I think THIS is faaaar more important & telling about the untold "D"ark Side to the alleged "Sunshine" Hormone:

    People are CLUELESS about the "D"ysregulation & "D"ysfunction they are "D"irecting by their "D"aily "D"rowning in this toxin!

    A votre sante!

  46. Morley, thanks for posting this. I've seen this study and pondered on it…

  47. Marsha Scheitlin
    Given my "there's an alternative agenda bent," I believe the TRUE purpose of the get Mo' D! is to ensure Iron "D"ysregulation…

    Achieve that & you've got the gateway to Oxidative Stress which is the Super-Highway to ALL chronic "D"isease!

    Who knew?!?…


  48. You call me deceived when all I did was ask for the research to support your claims. That's pretty authoritarian.

  49. Jj Andrade
    I have provided countless articles in the blogs that are found at not to mention the scores of posts that I have OPENLY shared on this FB group…

    I am confident, NOT authoritarian and I salute your healthy skepticism… Just exercise it on BOTH sides of this "D"ementia!…

    A votre sante!

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