Are there levels to your Celiac?


Question: Are there levels to your Celiac? Kind of like being on a spectrum?

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  1. Stage 1 responsive, stage 2 unresponsive.

  2. No, either you have it or you dont

  3. The reason I ask is because i have it 100% but i had no issues till maybe the last few years? What triggers it to start becoming an issue?

  4. And why do some people get so sick that they almost died and other people just have diarrhea or something not major??

  5. Following

  6. I had a stroke caused by a VAD almost 2 years ago at 36 and was just diagnosed by nlood test on Monday

  7. Mine was induced by major stress.

  8. Autoimmune diseases are almost always related to stress

  9. Everyone and everyone’s symptoms/reactions are different

  10. No celiac is celiac. There’s no mild form or severe form the damage that’s done is the same

  11. Not levels but, like most illnesses, you may see a variation of severity. It could be due to the amount of damage a person has sustained over time. My body progressively became more responsive to gluten effects.

  12. I just finished reading a book on Celiac Disease and from my understanding there is “CELIAC DISEASE” “Gluten Allergy”, “Gluten Intolerance” & “Gluten Sensitivity”….all are different. A Gluten allergy is when there is swelling, asthma like symptoms, itching, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory distress and shock. Gluten intolerance is when IBS – Irritable bowl syndrome. Gluten Sensitivitiy is when IBS is involved or Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Celiac Disease is a disease and not to be confused with any of the above mentioned.

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