Are these Marshmallows Gluten Free?


Still trying to figure out what words mean Gluten, other then WHEAT!
Are these Marshmallows GF?!

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  1. They are fine.

  2. Your best bet is to buy things that actually say gluten free on the package to avoid any question with ingredients. Walmart brand has a lot of items that say gluten-free including marshmallows

  3. Certified G F is your best bet. These are O K.

  4. They are gluten free. Although they contain no gluten ingredients they are not listed as gluten free for fear of cross contamination. They are safe though. Also there are a lot of foods that are naturally gluten free and will not state “gluten free” on the package. Many people can safely eat these products.

  5. I usually avoid anything with ‘artificial flavors’ Although I’ve read on this page that that can be fine. I’m just cautious.

  6. Yes, they are fine!!!

  7. What brand is this? I’ve been wanting some but haven’t found gf

  8. I just learned today that dextrose is no good for gf

  9. The modified food starch may contain gluten.

  10. Not gf, modified food starch is gluten

  11. Modified food starch is usually corn or potatoes

  12. I wouldn’t because of the natural and artifical flavors

  13. Heather Collins There’s a gluten free app you can download then just scan the barcode and it will tell you if its gluten free I love it no more reading all the labels in the store

  14. Those apps are useless, I don’t suggest them. Lots of times they list incorrect products

  15. The words “modified” and “hydrolyzed” can mean it contains gluten. To make sure, I always call the company to get confirmation that it is GF.

  16. Our nutritionist said to Stay away from modified food starch.

  17. The only ones so far that my son tolerates are the marshmallows at Aldis— they say gluten free on

  18. It’s gf. Modified food starch is made from corn (which some people allergic to wheat/celiac have a problem with as well, but these are gf.

  19. Yes,they ate gf

  20. they are safe

  21. If it only says modified food starch but doesn’t say what kind, avoid it.


    As long as you can have corn and are ok with artificial foods you’ll be fine

  22. This makes me want rice crispy teats !

  23. I would toast em 😉

  24. Sadly. Even on this site you won’t get a straight yes or no. I usually just go with if there is doubt then I don’t use it

  25. Gluten is in wheat (including wheat varieties like spelt, kamut, farro and durum, plus products like bulgar and semolina), barley, rye, triticale

  26. Yes they are

  27. I would say yee

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