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Hello guys today I have one more question. Does anyone have experience with ashwanganda? Thank you all.

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  1. I love it. I was prescribed anxiety meds earlier this year. Didn’t like the way they made me feel. So I did some research and found ashwaganda. Been taking it ever since. Says to take 2 a day but I only take 1.

  2. Ashwaganda has a drug interaction with thyroid meds. Also immunosuppressants and sedatives. It can also increase the effects of autoimmune diseases. \n\nPersonally I wouldn’t take it.

  3. My question too!

  4. Awesome I take it every day

  5. Ashwanganda is an adaptogen….some people do well with it and others don’t. I tried it and it really didn’t make me feel good at all. I haven’t tried it since starting low-dose Naltrexone last year…but haven’t needed to.

  6. Ashwaganda is a nightshade, FYI for anyone trying to avoid night shades!

  7. It made me feel funky also!

  8. Do you guys have experience with kava. Kava or even blue lotus??

  9. What do you mean by a nightshade? Christine Tilly

  10. I had a pretty stressfull day at school today. IM swamped with homework and tests and other stuff. Im also a crisis text line counselor. Today i was scheduled my shift for crisis text line and i was feeling pretty stressed. I took my ashwanganda and didnt really “feel” anything but i noticed my stress went away. I was able to succefully talk to over 10 texters tonight.. I am going to monitor how it makes me ” feel” and keep an eye on my blood levels. Because i didnt “feel” anything i am giong to continue taking it.

  11. I just bought this because is has Selenium, Ashwanganda, & Zinc (among other things ). My doctor recommended those 3 supplements after telling me no to trying LDN (she doesn’t believe enough long term studies have been done with it.)


  12. I’ve been using it and I’m pleased.

  13. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to try LDN & still do. I just wasn’t approved for it by my doctor despite my Hashimoto’s diagnosis which included hypothyroidism & a very high antibody count. I use a clinic that’s paid 100% by my employer because I just cannot put my family any further in to medical debt. I’m sure if I had seen an Endocrinologist I wouldn’t have had a problem. For now I’ll just continue supplements, Levothyroxine, and exercise and pray for the best.

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