Aspergers and magnesium deficiency?


Question ; ) does anyone have knowledge with children who have aspergers and magnesium deficiency?
Is there a link between the two?

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  1. My child is ASD and Mg has saved our sanity!

  2. danielle vale what is ASD?

  3. I strongly urge you to take this question to the Facebook group, Recovering Kids…
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  4. Autism Spectrum Disorders

  5. ^^yes! Or check out a GAPS diet group. Either could help you.

  6. Sue Thomas, Autism Spectrum Disorder

  7. There's some research that suggests glutamate plays a role, so Mg may be helpful. Gut bacteria also seem to play a role. Studies do not, however, support the notion that vaccines have anything to do with ASD.

  8. yes. and GAPS (which recommends mag ~ especially thru epsom baths) has helped many lose their diagnosis, reduce the symptoms dramatically. Gut and Psychology Syndrome | GAPS Diet GAPS Diet Journey

  9. Also available via audiobook

  10. Food elimination is key, healing gut health with zinc, Mg, Vit C, l-glutamine, prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes.

  11. Recovering Kids is an amazing group!

  12. Jaye Ewing Procure isn't it! Every single parent on earth should be on that page

  13. LOL. That might kinda defeat the purpose, don't you think? But I do agree that the info needs to be spread more widely.

  14. Can be if that child has the MTHFR mutations/methylation pathway genetic defects, because some of those pathways use magnesium, and if that specific pathway isn't working correctly, then their body isn't able to use magnesium.

  15. Ann Curtis she is on Medicaid and because of the new law's with medicaid health care coverage their not going to approve certain testing for my child who can benefit from such testing to diagnose her with certain deficiency's because it has to be approved by the doctor who rather treat her asd with pharmaceutical medications.

  16. Holly Pray please consider joining us at recovering kids

  17. Meg Holt thank you I will ; )

  18. Meg Holt which one? The one with a tree or kid's jumping.

  19. Thankyou everyone; ) you guy's rock

  20. My niece's first daughter has Asperger's. During her pregnancy, she had surgery to remove her appendix. When niecewas in utero and when her mother was in utero, both their mothers had severe hyperemesis (constant vomiting), so wonder if there might be some issue with magnesium deficiency and copper issues that increase with each generation. Not sure about the niece's pregnancy with her daughter, if she was able to eat.

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