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Hey, y’all. First time poster, here. After several trips to the ER from waking up at 0130 convulsing, several follow up visits with my doctor, fainting spells, ect… and a 2 day stay in the hospital, I’m told I have Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and possibly Hypothyroidism. This started on 14 December at 0130. I’ve been bed ridden/home bound for 3 weeks. I usually just push aside whatever issue I’m having, I’m not a big baby, but I cannot function, I’m dizzy in any position, constantly feel like I’m quivering on the inside, sudden bouts of ice cold hand and feet, but they’re severely sweaty, constant confusion and extremely forgetful. I had my labs done 6 different times from the 14 December to 26 December. My numbers are jumping all over the place, my body is confused. I initially had normal check up labs done in November and all seemed normal except my Vitamin D, which was low and I was started on a high dose, then December hits and BAM! My prolactin was elevated the night of the first ER trip and they believe it could be because I had a seizure in my sleep or may have a pituitary tumor. I was scheduled for an MRI but had an episode while waiting in line and got willed to the ER. Rescheduled it then got there and due to claustrophobia I lost it and they had to pull me out. Still trying to figure out how to conchor the MRI. I got an ultrasound at 0615 this morning on my throid. Also, I was put on Levothyroxine at 25mcg when I was released from the hospital, I was iffy to take it, but I’m on day 3. I know absolutely nothing about this and have been doing tons of research but I feel as though I forget everything I read. Any tips, advice, anything would be appreciated I just wanna feel at least decent enough to move around and work my way up. I had several abnormal labs, I only attached the results of the ones I believe are related to the thyroid (maybe y’all have some insight on those results).

TSH – 7.55
Thyrotropin Sensitive – 6.050
T4 – 0.71
T3 – 115
Thyroperoxidase Antibodies – 108
Thyroglobulin Antibodies – 8.8
Prolactin – 36.93

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  1. Hey! Sorry to hear of your struggles/battles, keep positive though.

    Your TSH indicates you have sub-clinical hypothyroidism- but UK levels are different to US/ international levels! Anything over 5 and under 10 here means youre elevated, but the doctors won't automatically medicate you with synthetic thyroid hormone. Once you hit 10, you're classed as hypo and (finally) get the drugs you need.

    Have you read up on Hashimotos yet? Look up Dr Isabella Wentz, her website has TONS of useful info!

    Good luck x

  2. I want to tell you that I have a family member with health problems that require regular MRIs. She has claustrophobia and she tells the doctor and he gives her Valium before the procedure! That would definitely help and might even put you to sleep! I personally think the seizures are unrelated to hashimotos, as your levels aren't that high. Don't get me wrong, they're elevated, just not extreme. You should try and get into an endocrinologist because they would be able to tell you if it's endocrine related. I'm so sorry you are going through this! Lots of support on this page and plenty of people who can relate. Good luck with you're appointments, and I hope this helps!

  3. I'm so sorry you're going through that! Just echoing Mae, yes, ask for a tranquilizer. Your seizures and dizziness don't seem to be thyroid related. But I'm not a doctor! Good luck.

  4. sounds like you're gong through a lot. For the MRI I have severe claustrophobia as well. I have several conditions which require me to regularly have them done. I've had many procedures where I freaked out and had to be removed from the machine. The only recommendation I can make, which finally worked for me was finding/researching in your area a clinic/hospital which has a wider bore (that tube thingy). I go to a hospital where the bore is 10” wider than normal. Also you can try to find a place that has an open bore (meaning you're laying on a table and they lower a plate like thingy over you but it's all open on all sides, otherwise see if your area has a sit down mri, so you're sitting and your head is out but the machine is surrounding your body. Also I get a prescription for Ativan and my dose is .5/pill. I need to take 8 of these to feel relaxed enough to go and get an mri. 8!!! That's my magic number. I tried less but I'm like a horse and less than 8 didn't do much for me ever. I take 4 pills 1 hour before the procedure and another 4 half hour before the procedure, by the time I'm in the machine I'm so friggin loopy and tired that I fall asleep or just plain ol don't give a rats ass what's happening around me and everything turns into a blur. My husband has to be there to drive me home and babysit me for the rest of the day because I'm a zombie while the meds wear off, but it's the only way for me to get through this crap.

  5. I just recently got diagnosed. Haven't had my endo appointment yet. But we can get convulsions from hashimoto?

  6. I've never had a convulsion and I've had Hashimoto Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease, for over 20 years.

  7. After reading your question. Gina, I researched and found this…
    I'm aware I can't base it off of an article but it does give me some insight and more info to tall to Neuro about.

  8. That^^^^ sounds like me for the past 3 weeks (to include the high antibodies).

  9. I didn't even know that…..Thank you for sharing. My tests came back and I'm TPO 1,000 and TgAB 3,000…..Anyone else has such high numbers? My doctor doesn't seem very concerned about it.

  10. You are definitely hypo & that can cause high prolactin. You need to be on more meds. 25 mcg is a starting dose & definitely too low for you long-term.

  11. Also, need the lab range that goes with those values.

  12. You might want to post your other labs, too. A lot of these things can be connected. We'll need the normal lab ranges, too. You may have more than just thyroid issues going on, but it's hard to say without the other labs & ranges.

  13. I feel you on the dizziness and being bed ridden. I've never been able to really describe the symptoms and feelings to anyone before to get my point across! I literally slept for like 4 weeks straight because it was pure hell to be awake. My numbers have stabilized but I still feel horrible although I am able to get to work now

  14. I feel the same off and on
    For the MRI they have open ones ask your doctor to prescribe you something to help you get through it
    Also try placing a cold washcloth over your face
    I hope you can start to function again real soon
    I get dizzy all the time, like the can't walk once I get to work and sit down I can function.

  15. If dizziness continues after thyroid levels are in range you may want to check into adrenal insufficiency.

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