Awoke last night with horrible reflux


Help please… ?
I am under tremendous stress right now and awoke last night with horrible Reflux. My esophagus was on fire. It is starting again – any remedies. It hurts so bad. I DID take my Calm mag powder and it kind of made things worse. Help ?

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  1. turmeric and coconut oil, elevate head of bed 5 inches, papaya enzymes or pineapple, aloe vera juice…all organic please. Got MY GERD under control this way. research leaky gut and The Gerson Therapy

  2. I agree with Apple Cider Vinegar but also the addition of pink Himalayan salt to your food will help too.

  3. You might try sucking on peppermints, it helps me sometimes, it might take several if it's bad but it usually helps me

  4. Scott Harres…thanks for the artical even though i dont want to spend time disagreeing about this any longer i did my best and read it and tried hard to understand it…does it not say …it is possible that the effect in humans is less dramatic than in rats …and they didn't have lowered copper levels in undersized babies…and it depended on what time they took it ..and it might even help enzymes or something like that ? …!?…& more and more that just makes this study conclusionless …this is why I love the Joe DeMotio show because he takes these papers and studies and actually studies them and finds IF they are good science and good conclusions Or not…I am not a scientist I don't claim to be anything like that BUT I am a person who is saying taking ascorbic acid "chewable C" until your acid reflux goes away followed by acidophilus several times a day until you feel great like ME WORKS!… its a great cure ! And I love this stuff for any stomach issue I've had …and I guess barretts disappearing should be science TOO!
    I have already made my mind up about ascorbic C…and until I see real scientific proof then I'M staying right here .I'm sure you think the same way …good for you .I'm so glad you have a passion for health too….but that studie was conclusion less …I'm don't want to argue about what I already know…it cures acid reflux.. period. We just have different understandings …it's not that you are not right or I'm not right it's that we only know what we know . I hope you are not right and you hope I'm not. Haha God Bless and I don't want to read anymore studies because that's why I have Joe and a few others in my life …I trust them and this page is good too I've learned a lot already .anyway I don't want to debate it anymore.thats my knowledge on reflux . If you get it try it and be convinced like me. You don't have to take it forever . Anyway …I'm done now …

  5. do you have inflammation? ulcers? There are certain things that help. Liquid Chlorophyll, George's Aloe Vera, Powdered slippery elm one teaspoon in tea or some type of milk, cold water, ginger, DGL, juicing vegi juices with cabbage in it, papaya juice, Intestinal Repair powder. I had to avoid anything that had citrus in it or vitamin C or any type of acid, deep breathing, going on liquids to give the stomach etc a break.

  6. Zantac 150 mg 2x a day

  7. Also liquid Aloe juice helps soothe your throat. N intestines too

  8. For reflux…maybe Swedish Bitters…?

  9. Zantac is not good

  10. I swear by humic acid

  11. Also sleeping on left side helps

  12. Premier Research Labs HCL will kick this. Your body is not making enough Hydrochloric Acid so it makes Lactic Acid instead. You are not properly digesting your food.

  13. Simple, cut out all sugar and carbs for as long for a bit, live on butter, protein and vegi instead.

    I saw a video of a Dr on YouTube …he was explaining how the patient was mag deficient like 80% of Americans …went in for acid reflux , Dr never tested for mag deficiency INSTEAD put THE MAN on nexium…that DRUG robbed him of more mag and several other thing that required MORE SYMPTOMS AND DRUGS to be prescribed….this went on and on …by the time the video was over the marker board was full of illnesses /diagnoses …the person was on 18 different DRUGS and in terrible health! …all he needed was magnesium! !!! So think really hard before cutting out mag!

  15. Your Psoas might be tight too

  16. Apple cider vinegar. : )

  17. For some reason, back pain can be easily help by a sliding deep tissue massage therapy. In one to two session, pain subsides and eventually go away if you apply massage properly to all affected muscles even sciatica.

  18. new ..i find e' thing u talk about really dif to understand..kinda like new girl in school!! diabetic type 1 with fibro & chronic fatigue..on lots of meds..gabapentin..Lisinpril ..simvastin…omerprazole(acid reflux)..Piriton..for auto immune (dysphagia)..Oxybutyin(.So do u reckon i shd be takn Mag? & if so wot form & how much plz..TY

  19. Georgie James – get the recommended done as some drugs deplete Magnesium.

  20. Just baking soda in water. Also makes your body alkaline. Another plus. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. And yes I'm a cancer patient. Id use that… Go back to what our grandfather's used. Xx

  21. Back pain for us, it's usually weak adrenals…I'd never cut out my mag.. xx

  22. Georgie James I feel the same way. ..they speak in code haha. They usually direct people to the top of this sight where there is in files … to what test you need like hair analysis. ..and recipes are there glad you are here …I believe I even watched some videos posted yesterday on people treating auto immune disease and that they are Imflimation oriented and how looking higher up stream as to why this is happening can save you from multiple diagnose of different diseases…and 10's of thousands of dollars …I will see if I can find that and you should watch them all!..
    Or maybe the lady who posted the wellness video can please post it again here?
    It was Dr. Hyman of the (something wellness center…)? I watched 5 videos yesterday and they were all great!

  23. Holly, it's Dr. Mark Hyman if the ultra wellness center. He is also the chairman of the institute for functional medicine which is cause-based medicine rather than symptom-based. I am a holistic health practitioner who uses these upstream models for working with clients. Email me if you'd like more info at [email protected].

  24. Probiotic gummy + papaya enzyme tablet to get rid of acid reflux.

  25. My ND prescribed Thorne research "GI-Encaps" for my sons GERD. They're all natural. He was able to get off his ppi which he's been on for years due to them 🙂

  26. Open them and sprinkle into hot water and drink like a tea for best results.

  27. thank u Holly ..thats v kind.of u:-):-)

  28. Sherry Rogers has a book called " no more heartburn" I think the title is and it has tons and tons of information on this subject. Easy to read. She is an awesome doctor. very practical and extremelly helpful and a maverick lol

  29. Simple, just get 6oz of water and add 1/8 tsp of baking soda. Instant fix.


  31. is milk of magnesia the sort of thing to take??

  32. Baking soda is a great short term fix for a mild case of indigestion. I think she is looking for something to stop middle of the night reflux and something to ease the horrible pain it causes. We all promise to stop the sugar tomorrow.

  33. Stop all grains and eat sweet potato instead. Try slippery elm mix in hot water.

  34. You said it, Stacie. Stress !!! Can you reduce it? Easier said than done, I'll admit. I left my stressful job, and introduced Mag to my diet, and my Acid Reflux went away. My father-in-law elevated his bed so that his head is higher than his feet when he sleeps, and I think that helped him. I hope you feel better in 2015.

  35. In his book "your body many cries for water

  36. Georgie James, all of those health issues you have can be addressed simply by changing your diet. Email me if you would like a free consultation. I'm a holistic health coach and have worked with those issues. [email protected]

  37. Jeannette Cooper – if you charge for your services, you need to state that when posting and suggesting people contact you. See this group's rules.

  38. drinking aloe has realyhelped my issues like this

  39. HCL with pepsin is what you need. Order from

  40. You can get the aloe vera juice (Lily of the Desert) from Vitacost also.

  41. Thank you, MJ Camp. I was unaware of that.

  42. Jeannette Cooper thank you for posting a link to those videos they blew me away with his powerful intelligence and plain old logic!…I wished I knew how to keep that link on my phone at all times! Everyone should have a Dr like that!

  43. Do you have that link still maybe you can post it here?

  44. Holly, sorry, I don't remember posting any links so I'm not sure what you're looking for, but if you're looking for more info on Dr. Hyman and functional medicine, here you go…

  45. i like Dr.Hymans approach and openness to helping cure ppl; follow his FB page !

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