B pollen, do I need it or can I take a B vitamin instead?


Silly questions sorry 🙁 I feel like I’m having a hard time understanding…
B pollen, do I need it or can I take a B vitamin instead?
The tartar, do I mix it in something??
Should I spread out mag through out the day??

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  1. Small doses of Mg throughout the day. Yes to bee pollen, it is your b complex. Add liver/liver pills for B12. The cream of tartar goes in the adrenal cocktail.

    Here's a simple guide that pulls the whole protocol together.
    After reading the beginners guide (pinned post), this can be used as a quick reference guide:

    Magnesium- Start with a small amount of a recommended form of Mg (graphics outlining good and bad forms are in photo files). Very slowly increase to 5 mg (of elemental Mg) per lb. of body weight, to maintain levels. You need more to raise your levels. Transdermal forms, such as baths, sprays and lotions, also help raise levels.

    There are 3 cofactors used to push Mg into cells and mitochondria: B6, bicarbonate and boron.

    B6: 1/2 tsp/day of bee pollen is recommended for this cofactor. Local bee pollen is recommended. You can call bee keepers in your area, and can often find it at local health food stores or farmers markets. If you can't find local, Stakich brand on Amazon is recommended. Bee pollen covers all your B vitamins, except for B12. You can get B12 by eating liver once per week, or taking undefatted liver pills daily. Perfect brand undefatted dessicated liver pills are the recommended brand.

    Bicarbonate: This cofactor comes from drinking a few ounces of mag water daily (recipe in files or here: http://my-magnesium.com/ ) or baking soda in bath (bath recipe in photo files).

    Boron: You can get this cofactor from 3-9 prunes a day, a boron supplement (Anderson's Sea MD is the recommended brand), borax in bath (bath recipe in photo files), or borax concentrate internally (recipe in photo files).

    Adrenal Cocktail: The adrenal cocktail http://gotmag.org/the-adrenal-cocktail/ provides the needed potassium and sodium to balance with magnesium. As Magnesium is increased, it will lower sodium, and potassium will also be lowered. The cocktail helps provide the balance that electrolytes need. It provides about 350-400 mg of potassium for each cocktail. The RDA for potassium (for anyone over age 14) is 4,700 mg.

  2. can raw honey replace the bee pollen ?

  3. Thank you for this Tonya. Simplifies things wonderfully. I do find a lot of the information posted in the group a bit confusing at times. I shall save this as a reminder. Once again, thank you.

  4. Do you add bee pollen to your food or just have it by itself?

  5. I bought Stakich bee pollen the label has no mention of B vitamins just A, C, Calcium & Iron. Anyone find that odd??

  6. I noticed pure encapsulations sells a 3mg boron supplement. Could that be taken instead of the prunes/borax water?

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