Baby Aspirin and Calcium!


Writing in regards to pregnancy. Not currently pregnant but have had one pregnancy total which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy but I did go on to develop Postpartum PreEclampsia, the rarer of forms. Now, I follow a Survivor’s page and the recommendation by ACOG and the medical professionals at the PreEclampsia Foundation is to prevent the disease in future pregnancies by….are you ready for this…..Baby Aspirin AND Calcium! That cannot be good…….right!?!

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  1. Wow! You've got to be kidding! Get your MAG on

  2. Yeah, that's crazy. Mag, mag and more mag. From another pre-e mama. I actually had it with three pregnancies and then my fourth pregnancy I did not. That was the only pregnancy I took magnesium and really took care of myself with natural stuff. I also carried that baby until 43 weeks 2 days. Lol

  3. Maura Elizabeth, u may find it int reading about the Brewer Pregnancy Diet.' The more i educate myself the more terrifying i find allopathic medicine. Truly.

  4. do you mean HELLP syndrome?

  5. I got told to take them as a precaution when I was pregnant even though I've never had a problem with my previous 2 pregnancies. I declined and was asked over and over again. They did however give me extra folic acid as a medical trial and that caused me to have my daughter 15 weeks early.

  6. I had post partum pre-e. I'm hoping if I get pregnant again to not get it by taking low dose aspirin, magnesium, & potassium.

  7. I had preeclampsia. Uggg the worse! I was NOT informed that magnesium could help/cure it, and it escalated to a series of interventions! I want another baby, but am kinda afraid that I'll get it again. I had some pp pe too.

  8. What's the page you follow? I had postpartum preeclampsia myself and am looking for more groups to join/info the follow. Thanks!

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