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Curious question. Does anyone here know if there is any scientific support for the validity of the “baking soda test” for stomach acid?

I did it and if valid, I have very low acid. I never burped after taking the soda. I am going to try the Betaine HCL test next. Unless the soda test is actually meaningful.

In the mean time, this probably means that a lot of expensive supplements are just a waste of time.

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  1. Never heard of either test.

  2. How is the baking soda test done?

  3. I also failed to burp, and after a year & a half of trying various supplement protocols I have had ZERO improvements (no side effects either) so I do wonder about this myself. I tried taking a shot of ACV before each meal for a couple weeks and didn't see any change in my digestion so I sorta let the idea go. Now my new dr has me on digestive enzymes but I wonder if I should be on something for acidity too, like the Betaine HCL.
    Note that low stomach acid can be caused by h.pylori so it might be worthwhile asking your Dr to test for that. I got tested but it came back negative for me. It can be shared among families (maybe by drinking from each other's glass etc?) so if you really want the test & the dr is reluctant you might try telling him/her that your sister was recently diagnosed with it or something like that.

  4. Katherine Which test did you have for h. pylori? I have heard some are more accurate than others. I am getting ready to test. I also had a very low B12 and other symptoms that fit with this insidious bug.

  5. I know many who used it to decide to heal the gut – its a good indicator of a problem.

  6. The baking soda test:

    Do first thing in the morning, upon waking, for five days.

    Mix one-quarter teaspoon baking soda in 4-6 ounces of water. Drink. Time how long it takes to burp (being aware that an immediate burp might be due to air swallowed with water). Presumption is that the longer it takes to generate burps, the lower the stomach acid.

  7. I breathed into a container. The dr said it isn't the most accurate & I might want to consider the more accurate test where they stick something down the throat. But I have such brain fog… I just let the idea drop. Maybe I should look into it more.

  8. I have had great results with HCL and pepsin. I take with a meat heavy meal and notice digestion has improved (no more right side gurgles-gallbladder?) and it helps lift my brain fog as well.

  9. Breath test is not accurate, especially if you have used baking soda or other things that reduce acid (Tums, PPI acid reducers, etc.).

    Check out the h. pylori group. Lots of experience and good info in files.

  10. For me it was very soon after I started that I noticed a difference. Are you titrating your dose or just taking what is suggested on the bottle?

  11. There is a link in this article that will help you, but pretty much you start with one dose when you first start eating, then as you eat, you add another, then another until you feel a slight burn in your throat/stomach then you figure one less is your average dose. To give you an idea, I typically take four with my meals, but today I only needed three which might mean my body is starting to do what it needs to do on its own-hopefully! Also, not sure what brand you are using, but it shouldn't be too expensive!

  12. If you burp or bloat after eating you can safely say you have low HCL.

  13. I did not burp and tried a few low acid remedies that made my acid reflux worse. So, I went on Prilosec and feel much better. That means I had too much acid and the burp test does not work.

  14. Mark Hathaway…thank you! Since stopping the omeprozole and working towards mag and clean eating, I've been burping and belching and embarrassing myself, as well as having heartburn. Since I know I'm positive for h.pyliri, I was pretty sure I was low acid…you just helped me towards my plans!

  15. Terry, unless you tried HCL (the actual same chemical in our stomach). You will never know. Trying Primosec and feeling better does not mean this was the answer. It will ruin digestion (as will any proton pump inhibitor). Most GERD is caused by too little acid, not too much 🙂

  16. Karthikayini Umaiyal I use about 7-10 before each meal, and I feel that my thinking is clearer and my stomach just works better. When I found out that some people have used 30 of them, I became more courageous about experimenting.

  17. Some people use apple cider vinegar. Some people use lemon. Some people use ginger. Or gentian.

  18. I have an almost full bottle of HCL. Took one and came out in an awful rash within five minutes. Didn't want to give up, so tried again ten days later. Same result, unfortunately.

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