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Has anyone ended up in the hospital while trying to balance minerals? Like as in throwing things off in your body and causing problems?

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  1. I haven't seen anyone hospitalized as long as I've been here. I would say the most important part, is keeping electrolytes balanced. As Mg increases, potassium and sodium also need to be increased.

  2. I ended up with a bladder infection and dehydration. I think it was from way over doing the mag. Chloride spray without the adrenal cocktail.

  3. I considered going to the ER when I first took mag. It was too much for my system and revealed low potassium.

  4. Were you taking supplements or just using on the skin?

  5. The first two times I added boron to my mag chloride bath, the lowered heart rate and almost floppy quality of my muscles was rather concerning. And potassium added to the mix made me nauseous. So I backed off and am going low and slow, mainly transdermal, keeping my electrolytes and sodium up. No problems since.

  6. I'm doing transdermal, a tiny bit of mag water, and drinking coconut water once a day. I think just doing this is making me feel kind of yucky. I'm also eating pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, almonds and raisins trail mix.

  7. do adrenal cocktail as well

  8. I had some alarming heart symptoms when I was doing foot soaks daily for several weeks. Had to back way off. It was scary. For a little while even the smallest amount of mag made me Ill

  9. I put a lot of Ancient Minerals lotion on my body the other day for the first time and it caused a panic attack. Keep in mind that I have adrenal fatigue and take hydrocortisone. And Im prone to panic attacks, have had them before, but it was terrifying. Found out the hard way how powerful minerals can be.

  10. Only with the B6. The eight B vitamins referred to as "B complex" are crucial for optimal health, helping our bodies convert our food into fuel and promoting healthy skin, memory, pregnancies, and more. Since B-complex vitamins are present in many foods—particularly those that are a part of a healthy diet, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, poultry, and fish—most of us get enough. And research shows that taking B6 supplements over a long period of time can actually cause serious problems. "Even though vitamin B6 is water soluble and safe at the recommended levels, too much can be toxic," High doses have been shown to cause abnormal sensations in nerves called neuropathy.

  11. Folks,

    Word to the wise…

    o Hormone-D CAUSES Renal Potassium Wasting…
    o Invariably, that TOXIC supplement causes Potassium to plummet to "1" on an HTMA… (Ideal =10!)
    o More often than not, Na is tanked, as well…
    o And then we start adding Mg to that mix…
    o Most who join MAG have been "D"rowning themselves, AND THEIR LIVERS!, in Hormone-D & have NO IDEA the price they paid for that obnoxious "D"ietary "D"ictum…

    And THAT'S why we take the Adrenal Cocktail to support the Na & K w/ the recommended influx of Maggie…

    A votre sante!

  12. Several times! Now that I know what I know, I suspect I was magnesium, sodium, and potassium deficient.

  13. That's really interesting that D has this effect on the htma. Does D From sunlight do this as well? Or does the body release compensatory hormones that preserve the potassium?

  14. I took too much mag without any cofactors. Mistake. Now my naturopath wants me to take calcium.

  15. Not ER but I started feeling sick after starting the Jigsaw Mg. But it was bc I wasn't doing the AC with it. Starting the Mg malate revealed my low K. Now that I take a low dose Mg & do the AC daily I feel better than I have in a long time. I've ordered the whole food Vit c, desiccated liver pills, bee pollen & CLO to round out vitamins & will start them soon.

  16. What is ac?

  17. Almost. I ended up with a terrible case of reactivated mono…but it was a needed healing crisis.

  18. Are the plasma potassium and sodium blood tests reliable? Mine are always well normal

  19. Since it seems that many people run into the low Na/K issue when starting the Magnesium protocol, wouldn't it make sense to update the protocol to include a bullet like: Start Adrenal Cocktail to support Na/K while ramping Magneisum slowly?

  20. I've been too laid back about the adrenal cocktail. I'm just seeing the importance. Thanks, this explains some of my issues

  21. i love the cocktail..can you over dose on it x

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