Beginner Tips and Tricks for Living Gluten-Free


For the newbies here I have some advice for you just starting out.

⚫Celiac is not the end of the world
⚫It can be hard as hell to eat gf
⚫Your family won’t understand
⚫They’ll say you can have “just a little” and be fine
⚫You won’t be fine
⚫Even if you don’t have symptoms damage is being done to your body (including damage that could lead to cancer)
⚫There is always potential for cross contamination
⚫Your cousin’s sister’s best friend’s baby daddy can’t have gluten and he says…
⚫Some celiacs are overly whiney
⚫Some aren’t whiney enough
⚫Some days you will cry
⚫Some days you’ll be pissed tf off because you can’t just eat somewhere without having anxiety over possible CC
⚫Most days you’ll be fine
⚫It gets easier
⚫Carry gluten cutter of some sort with you because you just never know
⚫Gluten cutter does not give you free reign to eat gluten
⚫Damage is still being done but it lessens the symptoms
⚫Most celiacs will tell you that crap doesn’t work but I am here to tell you it helps
⚫The book Gluten Free for Dummies by Donna Karn was a life saver for me

Anyone else have any advice for the newbies?

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  1. Where can I get gluten cutter???

  2. do your research-read all u can and then read some more as there is always new information-read labels always and dont take products for granted as labels and ingredients can change-read allergen info-call the # on the pkg for questions

  3. Yes!! Newbies need to read gluten free for dummies!

  4. Find a good GI doc you TRUST!! You can ALWAYS “fire” your doc and find a new one if they’re giving bad information or not being kind/ understanding!!

  5. ask the pharmacy if your script is gf-NEVER EVER CHEAT-watch out for cc-stay away from dairy initially for at least 6 months-dont buy alot of processed gf food-give yourself time to heal(6 months-one year or more)-follow up with gi dr

  6. It gets easier ! Stand up for yourself in restaurants, make sure they know what they are talking about it they say it’s gluten freel.

  7. u will still have stomach issues if u had them b4 diagnoses-my diarhea continued for 3 wks after -make sure to get your blood tested for vitamin/mineral deficiencies-u may be very hungry in the beginning due to your body being starved of nutrients

  8. u may suffer from some hair loss(telogen effluvium) due to the shock and stress to your body, it will grow back after about 4-6 months-u may need iv iron infusions (no big deal)-keep a food diary

  9. My telegenic effluvium started 6 years after I went gF and comes and goes but my hair never has grown back to its original thickness, not even close. 🙁

  10. This is a good book to read.

  11. There are more options than you think! Some of it even tastes better than the gluten filled stuff!

    Don’t waste your energy arguing with people that say gluten isn’t real.

    Don’t eat anything anyone else makes even if they say it’s “gluten free” I’ve been glutened at family gatherings so many times!
    Just bring your own food!

  12. Thank you💜. I’m only 2 months into gf life and it’s been so hard. Sincerest Thank you for each and every comment…

  13. Has anyone considered therapy?
    And this sure does feel like the end of the world sometimes…

  14. Be responsible for your own safety when dining out. Don’t try to bully safe service if you are unsure you will be safe. It’s never a good meal if you are scared.

  15. You will feel better your moods and complexion will improve , you will think clearer and you will spend less time in the bathroom 🚽.

  16. This whole post is great. I would also add that you are not alone, especially since Barilla exists.

  17. Purchased a penne pasta at traders Joe’s – omg the best ever!!

  18. What is gluten cutter? Why would you want to take something like this?

  19. Plan for an extra hour at the store the first few trips. Read every label and don’t be afraid to read it again and a third time. It gets easier just get into a rhythm!

  20. What is the difference between having a gluten intolerance and celiac

  21. Yes I am coeliac it’s very hard I have cheated a few times but I suffer when I go out i look to see where toilets are in have had coeliac for 19years not nice.

  22. Thank You!!!!

  23. I would add you can make gf versions of any food you love with some practice. * It’s harder to avoid tomatoes btw, this isn’t the worst

  24. Thank you for reposting this Marcie! And for introducing me to this group! 🙂

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