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I have a 16yo child that fell ill at 13-1/2. At 20 months she was finally diagnosed with VCFS (22q11ds). A genetic syndrome second to Down’s. It is a deletion of a chromosome. She did not appear to have anything wrong than mild milestone delays and chronic ear infections and upper respiratory. Now they claim she is dealing with the mental health conditions associated with this syndrome. One of her diagnosis was Wilson’s but after a liver biopsy and consult with leading specialist she was deemed to be a possible ‘carrier’ of Wilson’s. Her ceruplasmin was low and copper was high at one point than low the remainder. She has always consistently had a low Vitamin D. These children can have hypoparathyroid issues or thyroid issues as well. Currently her TSH is 8.2 but her free T3/T4 were normal. She is on Lorazepam to hold off catatonia and is on an anti-psych med, Geodon. My question is if she would benefit from magnesium and if so what kind and amount? She is only on a supplement of Vitamin D3 of 2000ius. They are changing the anti-psych to Abilify in the next day or two. I know these meds are very powerful and am sure that they are causing havoc to her over all system. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Well, the vitamin D3 is negatively affecting Mg, K and vitamin A.
    Best to get the HTMA done and also the seven blood tests.

  2. Health professionals place so much emphasis on diagnosis and so little effort to consider the nutrients our bodies require. All this talk about all these different so called conditions. Has she even been tested for RBC magnesium which would measure her cellular stores of magnesium. Having a magnesium deficiency would give her all the symptoms of all these so called diagnoses. If it was my child I would not start any prescription drug until I had the RBC magnesium test result back and had ensured that it was at optimal levels–around 6.0.

  3. I would also research the work of Dr Wm Walsh which deals with nutrient deficiencies and their contribution to mental health issues.


  5. Unfortunately, since this diagnosis of VCFS and it has a 29% population that can suffer from severe mental health issues. However, all the while, I have asked that if we are dealing with deficiencies that can 'give us symptoms of'…why aren't we going there and taking care of what we can take care of. I suggested the 2000IUs. Initially she had a Vitamin D result of 12 on her onset of symptoms. They came back and said she had 'low dopamine'. She was catatonic and had to give her the Lorazepam. What they say is that catatonia always comes along with psychosis. So you have to treat the PRIMARY cause, which is psychosis. That is why she is on these medications. Back to the problem is that once they go to Mental Health they forget the patient. They forget if anything else is going on. They ignore the other things that they could be causing. If she has a thyroid issued (TSH of 8.2) is this giving us a FALSE idea of her condition? This is all just insane…

  6. Definitely read the above book that Deanne Lavoie-Holmes posted and purchase a consult with Morley! Dr Amy Yasko's work also.

  7. Could be low iodine

  8. Morley says low d is always low mag. Maybe you could find a more naturopathic Dr.?

  9. Psychosis is the primary cause???

  10. What causes psychosis?

  11. Perhaps Rick Malter PhD will comment on psychosis and the HTMA

  12. This all came on after her first, very first, menstrual.

  13. Just curious, did she happen to also get a guardasil vaccine just before that? Or any other vac that she might be sensitive too?

  14. Faith Hansen, did you happen to figure out if the magnesium protocol helped with the 22q11?

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