Best brand of magnesium L-threonate


What brand of magnesium L-threonate do you recommend for my anxiety?

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  1. Lisi Diehl your response is incredibly unsupportive. Questions may have been answered, but I believe everyone is entitled to ask questions wothout being shut down and unsupported.

    I use glycinate… works well for me. Hopefully other people will tell you what works for them. Good luck

  2. I take the Life Extension brand of Mag L-threonate and it's worked for me. I combine this with regular, Epsom Salts (plus co-factors) foot spas.

  3. I use double wood supplements cheapest I've found and free shipping!


  5. Life Extension. Buy it on

  6. Question: what kind if you cannot swallow pills? No one recommends "calm" brand but i take that cause its in powder form and can be mixed with water. So is there any brands others recommend that isnt in pill form?

  7. What time of day do you take this type of magnesium?

  8. Im usinh source naturals

  9. I use Jarrow and it's a highly recommended brand.

  10. Because a lot of people don't know about the search bar, they're confused _ because let's face it if your in a magnesium group it's not for something minor, so they ask for recommendations where is the harm in that? We have people ask the same,questions over and over again in the thyroid groups, but we understand they're scared, confused and just asking for some recommendations because they're feeling overwhelmed and so we give it to them, it's easy

  11. Dr Mercola has a new one that looks good. I've used Life Extension but don't like that it has fillers

  12. I use life extension brand.

  13. Very interesting

  14. Your anxiety is caused by not being able to digest, assimilate and eliminate your food, no matter how clan it is. Put the " horse in front of the horse" take a full spectrum enzyme with every meal. Believe me you'll then get enough, vitamins, minerals ( including magnesium) and amino acids, to fully balance your body.

  15. I love Dr.Mercola's brand of Mag Threonate!!!

  16. Especially with anxiety – a loving response is best. I have lots of experience healing anxiety with nervine herbs, magnesium, and allowing he anxious feelings to pass, they always do. It's very uncomfortable in the moment, and then the moment passes. The mind is powerful in healing anxiety as is balancing the physical body. I'd suggest lots of magnesium foot baths or full body soaks in addition to the nervine herbs. Also healing adrenals help as well. PM if you want to.

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