Best brands of diatomaceous earth?


Recommendations for best brands of diatomaceous earth?? Thank you! Also can this be taken with meals?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Not with meals. As long as it's food grade, I don't think the brand matters.

  2. With a glass of water. Chug it down and then chase it with another glass of water. Important to drink a lot of water when using it.

  3. Where do you find DE?

  4. I started DE last night, 1 tsp. in a 12oz. glass of water, and followed with another 12oz. water. I have read how safe it is for most people and critters. Was surprised to experience a sense of irritation in my esophagus! It subsided by the time I went to bed. Anyone else experience that?

  5. Can this be mixed with rice bran and taken at the same time??

  6. Be sure it is 100% de and that it is not mixed with bentonite clay. Not that it is bad, I just prefer the 100% myself, and rather do my own additives.

  7. Get food grade on Amazon. I like to take it in the middle of the night as it pulls out the good stuff as well as the bad. Take 2 hrs away from any meds/supplements

  8. What benefits are there to taking DE? I mean, what does it do for "you"?

  9. Morley Robbins…Is DE safe to be taken every single day, all year long or should we take a brake from it ones in a while?

  10. Any idea for a recommended daily dosage of DE?

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