Best gluten free restaurants if any in Las Vegas


GUYS! Omg so I got the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with my husband for the Isagenix Celebration! SUPER freaking stoked because we weren’t sure if we could go! My husband is in the military and well…LEAVE GOT APPROVED! SO my question to you all! Best restaurants if any in Las Vegas, NV!!!!! ? TIA!

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  1. Yay fellow Isa user! Have fun!

  2. All the ones at that hotel that has the wonderful fountain. I forget it’s name everytime. Darn it AGE. LOL Someone will read and add that bit of info.
    Bellagio – I remembered – YEAH FOR ME!

    They made me a real chicken dinner with all the fixins. And the others know all about celiac and CC. It was one place I loved.

    And the bar place that sings the margaritta song. I think it is Jimmy Buffet Margarittaville. They were GREAT!

  3. Sorry, I don’t know any GF places in Vegas, but what’s Isagenix? I see loads of people in this group talking about it. Is it a protein shake?

  4. Bellagio and Bobby Flay’s grill. The name alludes me right now. I had zero issues and I’m super super sensitive (airborne gluten too).

  5. Mon ami Gabi at Paris. El Segundo sol. Hecho en Vegas at MGM. Margaritaville at flamingo. P.f. Changs at planet Hollywood, I think is where it’s at. Honestly the find me gf app is great for Vegas. Just read the reviews. I ate amazingly for a week just using that for tips.

  6. The Aria’s buffet was excellent & had lots of gluten free options. Sammy’s gluten free pizza was very good. There’s also a GlutenZero bakery there!

  7. The Wynn hotel has 13 great restaurants! Maybe more now! I live for the day when I can go back!🌸

  8. I’m going next month to Vegas for a competition! I was going to ask the same thing!

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