Best mag to take for anxiety and muscle pain?


Can you please give advice on the best mag to take for anxiety and muscle pain? Also where can I purchase in Aus? I have had not luck at many pharmacys and health food shops. Thank you

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Hayley 3 years 7 Answers 381 views 0

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  1. I couldn't find a good one too in Melbourne , so I ordered from 'Ibsen

  2. Sorry my finger ….
    From 'Iherb'

  3. Not Aus site, US site.
    The prices are reasonable and free delivery if you order more then $50 as I remember, worth of supps

  4. Which mag did u go for ?
    I want one for the family but are not sure which is an all rounder so to speck ( although one to also support my sons bowel would be good ). Any suggestions ?

  5. I've probably had the best luck with anxiety with mag threonate

  6. For me I found the liquid mags work best

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