Best magnesium for muscle contractions in thighs


Does anyone no what is the best magnesium to take for muscle contractions in thighs.

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  1. Implement the full Mg protocol with cofactors and adrenal support.

  2. Magnesium Beginners Guide:
    Even though roughly over 80+% of the population is Mg deficient, we still recommend testing first. *Mg RBC (optimal is 6.0-7.0) *Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
    *How to Restore Mg:
    *B6 helps get Mg INSIDE the cell (We recommend Jigsaw Mg Malate as it contains B6, Mg co-factor)
    *Boron helps keep Mg INSIDE the cell (Relyte or Anderson's Concentrated Minerals contain much needed trace minerals such as boron)
    *Bicarbonate helps get Mg INSIDE the Mitochondria (check files to learn how to make Mg water)
    Where Mg is found in your body:
    o 60% in the bones
    o 39% in soft tissue (heart, brain, liver, kidney, glands, & muscles with highest concentration in the ventricles of the heart)
    o 1% in the blood It comes out of "storage" in tissue & components of blood 1st, bones 2nd & last from Serum which is why Mg Serum tests are worthless.
    Magnesium Deficiency 101

  3. Magnesium chloride oil works brilliantly!! I was at junior football watching my sons team play… One of the boys had tp be carried off in so much pain with terrible leg cramping…. They all scuttled round getting ice… Dammit the kid was nearly a man and in so much pain he was openly growling and his leg was twitching and pulling upwards!! I walked over… Kneeled down and asked him if he wanted me to rub magnesium oil on his leg…. My husband is the coach so he knew of me… tears in his eyes he just nodded… I slathered it onto his leg… His thigh and his calf muscle front and back… Within three minutes the twitching stopped n I asked him how it felt… He just said yeah good with his eyes popping cos he was surprised it worked… Blahahahaha!! I love this stuff!! they won the match too… Even tho I think the opposition umpire Was more than likely stoned and made far too many crazy decisions they still won!!

  4. Any of the recommended mags would work along with cofactors. Don't skip salt an potassium. Important for muscles!

  5. Low potassium is leg cramps and dehydration.

  6. Excess calcification of the cells causes muscle cramps, it blocks magnesium and kicks out potassium and sodium.

  7. spray magnesium chloride oil on thighs and massage in or take ionic magnesium chloride

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