Best magnesium supplement to take orally?


Hi- could I get some advice please. I’m looking at finding the best magnesium supplement to take orally? I have read that Magnesium oxide can help with viral load (I have reactivating EBV) But then on the other hand, I also read that magnesium citrate can help with adrenal/thyroid issues (I’m hypothyroid and have adrenal fatigue) I generally want to find the best one for these issues. TIA x

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  1. This is the recommended protocol from the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page. Mg citrate is not recommended.

  2. I had significant EBV and CMV over 15 years ago. Mg oxide was the only Mg type that worked for me. I am thankful for it.

  3. Hello I take Mag Ox 400. I like it a lot. It's cheap and works. I get bad lung spasms and feet . it works.

  4. Heidi Johnson – 400mg is not very much. Have you tried taking another amount at a different time of the day?

  5. It makes me tired and I take lot of meds that make me tired I do have apt on the fifth to go over a lot with my Dr.thank you

  6. Thank you MJ. What's the best way to take mag oxide? Can you get it in capsules?

  7. At first I just swallowed the tablets. Then, I learned about the benefit of liquid forms so I dissolved in water and drank it. Amazing difference, much better absorbed.

  8. Yes, powder form of Mg oxide is even more cost effective than tablets.

  9. Ok. Thank you very much for your advice. Sorry to ask again! I don't tolerate b vitamins very well but I know that you need this. Do you recommend taking these?

  10. Kate Cronin – the Bs are important. Get them from food 🙂

  11. Morley suggests Bee pollen for B vits

  12. Thanks Mandy. Do you think this would work? On a limited budget:

    Gfm Organic Vitacomplex Honey 230 g

  13. My freind has come down rather quickly with what the Doctors are saying is ALS. She is already in a wheelchair. Could Mag. definency play a part in this??

  14. Hi- I'm a newbie to all this and I've just been reading through the files to try and work out about starting magnesium and I'm confused! I read this file: Mags type survey.text and it stated:

    'Magnesium oxide is possibly the worst form of magnesium and is not recommended'

    Is the incorrect?

  15. Kate Cronin – that has not been my experience. Mg oxide gave me life back 15 years ago when several other types did nothing but drain my wallet.

  16. Thanks MJ- it's hard to know where to start with it all but I would trust patients experience over anything. I'm wanting my life back so will give it a go 🙂

  17. Kate Cronin – you have nothing to loose except maybe three bucks 🙂

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