Best thing you’ve done for your adrenals?


Hello, What is the best thing you’ve done for your adrenals? Thanks.

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    Breath correctly with your nose (Buteyko), sleep in the right time and practise EFT…. And RCP !

  1. whole food vit c

  2. I always recommend working on lifestyle factors with my clients… what's driving the cortisol??

  3. Magnesium advocacy group

  4. I quit trying to do everything. It is okay just to be me. I rest when I need to rest. I hired a cleaning lady. I hired a yard man. (Just their chosen gender) (yep, I had to budget for it, but so worth it!)I put my trust in God and his ability to know what is good for me, more than I do.

  5. sticking to a regular sleep schedule

  6. bioidentical progesterone.

  7. adrenal cocktail. I think my potassium was depleted due to high does Vit D (per MD), years ago.

  8. Started listening to Bruno Mars really loud and learn better stress coping skills- one major one was going outside listening to birds and bees and getting sunshine- but music is a major thing I think helped cause it makes me dance and I release the good stuff!

  9. fix copper disregulation – toxic copper pushes your dopamine pathway towards cortisole, making you a complete stress case even when there are no stressors.

  10. Dr Morse's adrenaline tonic

  11. I don't think we were made to be so fragile. The IRON weakened us and our adrenals over the decades!

  12. Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid seem to immediatly let the adrenals release more of the hormone precursors that is needed for it to do its job and let the adrenal gland recover.

  13. Realizing what adrenal fatigue is after joining this group and actually drinking adrenal cocktail regularly.

  14. Learning how to say no!

  15. I can't do rhodiola

  16. Trying to have have one day a week without doing anything work related and one day a week of no exercise

  17. Make yourself a priority and start the root cause protocol!

  18. No caffeine

  19. Besides the RCp, I take naps if I need to, and I dont feel guilty. Rest is as important or more important than exercise in my opinion.

  20. No coffee. More yoga.

  21. Cocktail

  22. A.m sunlight 20 min daily within 2h of sunrise with grounding. Sorted. Adrenal fatigue is a problem in the PVN of thr brain. Look at Dr Jack Kruse .

  23. Adrenal cocktail

  24. As mentioned above a little mindfullness is always good. At the beginning and end of the day think of what you are thankful for, breathe deep breaths when in stressful situations and let go of trying to controle everything. Trust that the universe/God has your back and that everything in your life is meant to happen so you can learn valuable lessons. You can choose how you want to react to every situation that comes your way

  25. Holy basil helped me tremendously with the adrenaline surges and insomnia from adrenal fatigue.

  26. What is RCP and where can I find it?

  27. Acknowledge that I cannot control people, but I can control my mind such that I do not let my feelings be controlled by people!

  28. Kundalini yoga.

  29. Ashwaganda, pantothenic acid and vit. C Less stress is so important!

  30. Mag, mag and mo' mag.
    Tried everything and anything and didn't see results until I started taking the CORRECT dose of magnesium. It's an amazing mineral .

  31. Do you find high mag stresses adrenals more?

  32. Can you take TOO much magnesium?

  33. Ashwaganda, resetting my circadian rhythm, less stress, no caffeine, sugar or alcohol

  34. Rhodiola and avocado! Regular bedtimes and evening walks.

  35. Well the adrenal cocktail really helped me but specifically the salt and the whole food vitamin C were really life changing. Just recently Ive started to drink liquorice root tea and it's made a big difference in a lot of my auto-immune (adrenal) symptoms. Borax also helps me.

  36. Getting to bed early plus adrenal support via supplements.

  37. Is the recommended 5mg/lb for strictly supplement elemental magnesium or also including what we get from food

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