Best tips or information to give family members?


My sister in law is throwing a celiac party for my daughter that was just diagnosed to support us and help educate family and friends.

What are the best tips or information to give family members?

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  1. The only things I can think of are 1.) don’t be offended if you bring her food to family functions. 2.) give basic info on celiac, but that it could harm her if she eats it. 3.) give a website they can read up on if they want to. 4.) maybe even give a list of “normal” foods that are GF like fresh fruits, veggies, lays chips, etc. that you would find in their homes.

    Sorry I’m not much help.

  2. What a great idea!

  3. I love the celiac party idea!! I may just be stealing it

  4. What about a game. A list of questions about celiac and who ever gets the most right wins a prize

  5. Maybe teaching how to prevent cross contamination? Could easily be turned into a game!

  6. May be a game like true or false, but list do’ s and don’t \nSuch as \nDon’t use the same spoon for a GF dish as a regular dish\nDo wash hands before touching a gluten free product after touching gluten\nDo read all ingredient labels of all products even if they seem gluten free\nDon’t assume any food is GF unless it is labels as such \nIts hard to explain but I think you get the idea. But its a fun way of providing info rather then just reading an artical

  7. If budget allows, you could send everyone home with a “goodie bag” filled with some yummy gf candy and snacks.

  8. Nothing to add but that is some wonderful family you have there. Amazing support

  9. Talk about cross contamination and make sure they are aware not even a little gluten is ok… best way that worked for my family was \

  10. That’s so cool! What a great family support. As your daughter adjusts, it does get easier! My daughter is 13 and was diagnosed a while ago. She has extreme reactions almost immediately. Cross-contamination is the biggest concern, even with wonderful well-wishing friends and family. Unless the whole meal is gluten free, you will have to teach everyone to learn how to not contaminate her food.

  11. Normal food ideas is great one! Kristen Daugs Hurd! I would suggest the piles of foods you removed from your house when you discovered she was gluten free (if your whole house hasn’t gone gf, please do!) Make sure and go thru your spices, soups, (cream of and broths are such a surprise to everyone) dont forget your freezer! Then… make sure everyone goes home with something you had to remove from your house as a party favor! Will serve 2 purposes, remind them and remove the products from your house! Its really hard at first diagnosis if the items are still there to tempt you!

  12. You can play party games like….. does this item have hidden gluten? If your new yourself make sure you get a good list of all the names gluten is hidden as! Put them on a paper and give them out, provide a web site and maybe even make a f.b page for friends to like to go to when the forget the links or want to know her current favorite snacks or easy go to meals if they are going to be with her

  13. Recently I was given a “celiacs shower” by my family and friends. It is nice to be able to talk about cross contamination and the difference between celiacs and intolerance. People think it is all the same and don’t understand why celiacs people have to be so much more careful.

  14. Maybe a little business card sized printout with names of gluten. Something they can keep in a wallet. It’s family, right? People get together for coffee and like to being a little treat to go with it. That way they can learn what isn’t safe.

  15. Oh wow… what a great idea

  16. Read all labels!!Find some gf treats and good restaurants for gf meals out.Keep her spirits up.

  17. This is awesome! One suggestion would be to have some labels showing only the ingredient list and see how many can tell which ones are GF.\nI posted this link to my wall the other day, it has some good info:

  18. that’s such a fantastic idea.

  19. Yes, a little bit can hurt. Be aware of the crumbs you leave behind and clean up after yourself.

  20. Go get lipsticks!!!

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