Best way to completely knock out inflammation?


What’s the best way to completely knock out inflammation?

Are there any specific resources you’d recommend for a thorough protocol for eliminating inflammation?

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  1. Drinking borax laundry detergent !!

  2. Magahol spray and Epsom salt foot bath!

  3. Magnesium protocol

  4. You can find all this info in the files

  5. Anti-inflammatory foods…epsom salt baths…tumeric paste…dandelion tea…hydration

  6. What's the inflammation from?
    Eating bad food?
    Heavy metals?
    Low minerals?

  7. Read Dr.Andreas Moritz's Amazing Liver Flush book

  8. Best thing I've ever found is Pure therapeutic Ketones. all of our clients and our family and friends are having incredible results.

  9. Organic Tumeric paste made with oil and pepper.

  10. Turmeric paste?

  11. No grains or sugar

  12. MSM as a temp fix but you obviously need to fix the underlying imbalances that are causing inflammation in the first place.

  13. medicinal mushroom most definitely.

  14. read the methylation article above

  15. diet adjustment, eliminate all foods that trigger inflammation, include herbs and spices such as ginger & turmeric that are known to fight inflammation, look into sulphur & magnesium supplementation as these can help reduce chronic pain to. This group has an awesome wealth of knowledge, check the files for lots of great ideas on how to help yourself!

  16. By inflammation…. Is that the ESR & CRP figures?

  17. Lower unbound iron burden/oxidation in the body. Eliminate all processed foods which are fortified with iron. Eliminate sugar. Eat whole foods. Ideal Mg RBC is 6.5 mg/dL. Increase Ceruloplasmin to Ideal 35 mg/dL. Get the complete copper, zinc, iron, Mg RBC testing done. Donate blood, if needed, to get ferritin down to 20- 50 ng/mL. Ideal % saturation 33% per Morley. (Research Morley has recently posted has stated that the risk of cancer may be lower if %saturation is closer to 25%, so I personally am not worrying too terribly much if it goes a bit lower than 33%, but that is just based on reading and Morley may disagree.) Ideal serum Iron for men is 120 ug/dL women 100 ug/dL When the unbound iron comes down, the liver enzymes will come down; homocysteine and C-reactive protein, triglycerides, TSH, uric acid, etc. will come down. Get the hair tissue mineral analysis/consultation with Morley Robbins for a personalized plan based on testing.

  18. Exercise too?

  19. It also depends what's causing an individuals inflammation. Lots of reasons for it to happen.

  20. The auto immune protocol diet yes. It's been a miracle for me.

  21. Start the protocol here, borax concentrate really helped with my inflammation. Read about it! Good luck!

  22. Sharon read this thread please.

  23. Inflammation is part of the body's immune system. Completely knocking it out could do more harm than good. You need to figure out what's triggering the inflammation and address the root causes. There's usually more than one.

    Diet is often a huge part. Removing the foods that are bad *for you* is vital. Many have G-d good luck with the Blood Type Diet in identifying their own personal"problem foods" but it's certainly not the only approach that works.

    It's also vital that you get enough nourishment to heal. That comes primarily form of eating enough of the right foods, but supplements can help too.

    The supplement protocol linked from this page has helped many people.

  24. It all depends on what kind of inflammation and what the causes are.

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