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Okay guys and gals can you please advise whats the best way to restore good bacteria after having your gut flushed from anti biotics (clarithromycin and amoxiocilian).

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  1. Fermented foods and high dose probiotics.

  2. Kombucha and eat fermented foods …

  3. Also add Syntol.

  4. BTW I should of noted way the use of the biotics was due to Hellabactia they located.

  5. Kefir fermented foods

  6. I found the book "Probiotic Rescue" to be helpful for all sorts of probiotic questions. No, I am not the author and I don't sell the book 🙂

  7. Cheers Maxine im getting the impression im not the first thats come in here after all my body flushed of good bacteria from the biotics

  8. Linda Stoeckmann Hansen what is Syntol? I have a bacterial resistant infection in the lungs and have to take 3 very strong antibiotics for a year. Have no appetite and losing weight and weak.

  9. Candace are you taking probiotics?

  10. Heather Schroeder Zwicker—oh yes, 30 Billion in probitoics

  11. Heather Schroeder Zwicker or anyone else—-can I use what I have and increase it? Money is an issue.

  12. Learn to make your own ferments. Vegetable ferments are fairly easy. You can use "wild fermentation" (the bacteria naturally present in the air and the skins of veggies) or open up a capsule of probiotics to "inoculate" the starting batch of a ferment.

    This is by far the least expensive way to ingest a large quantity of probiotics. Check out "wild fermentation" for more details. There's a book by that name, a website by the author Sandor Katz, as well as a VERY active facebook group that's inspired by the book and the website.

  13. There are a wide variety of probiotics. You need to get as many different ones as you can. Also many cannot be taken near the time of the antibiotic of it will kill them. Sacharomyces Boulardii is one that can be taken any time and does not need to be kept cold. I know it is some kombucha and that would likely be the best source since it is a naturally fermented drink. However, get your probiotics in any way you can and in as many ways as you can. You can buy this one on Amazon.

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