Best ways to get Magnesium cofactors while traveling?


I’m leaving in 3 days traveling out of the country for 10 days. I’m dreading going without the CLO. How do people travel and stay on the protocol? Particularly, how do you travel with the CLO? Will it keep unrefrigerated in checked luggage? Best ways to get Magnesium cofactors while traveling? Or, is it best to stop magnesium and cofactors while traveling and just continue AC?

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  1. Try CLO capsules?

  2. B cofactor = bee pollen
    Boron = prunes
    Bicarbonate = tougher 🙂

    Please don't stop the Magnesium…

  3. I recommend not worrying about it and having a fantastic time!! Take what you can and leave it at that.
    I did that on a trip to France last month and survived quite well!

  4. Last time I traveled, it worked best for me to bring my ConcenTrace mineral drops, prunes, mag pills, did the ACs using water/VitaminC powder/COT/Celtic sea salt, and occasionally had some sparkling mineral water even though the ratios aren't perfect…seemed okay for just a week. I felt great and relaxed and it was nice to know I found ways to manage even if it wasn't perfectly done. I cheated and took fish oil caps for the week because I didn't have time to get the CLO caps and I like their blood-thinning abilities. That part would not be recommended via protocol here though. I just didn't want to go without a fish oil because I'm weird like that!

  5. It's hard I just got back from out of town u missed some but did the best I could.

  6. Capsules

  7. I'm new to this. Why can't you travel with what you use?

  8. I didn't know it needed to be refrigerated. Does it say that on the bottle?

  9. I usually just take extra doses of CLO before I leave town, because our bodies can store up to three months' worth of natural animal-source vitamin A (which is the reason we need the CLO).


    I will add that I'm traveling to Alberta, Canada (Banff and Waterton) in case someone knows of local health stores where items can be purchased while there.

  10. Mine isn't in need to refrigeration. I go everywhere with it.

  11. Jeannie,
    I've been traveling a lot but it's been in a car so much less stress to worry about protocol products. But I wanted to share that you can carry on
    a small cooler bag. And use ice cubes or blue ice. I measure out how much of everything I need and put the ingredients for adrenal cocktails in a small leakproof container. I buy fresh squeezed orange juice if possible it not I buy organic oranges. Then I sprinkle the orange with salt and cream of tartar. I use pill for the rest except my aloe, magnesium chloride and MSM. I put it in a leakproof container then in a baggie.
    I've always done the small cooler or lunch bag because I don't eat their food. So I pack a salad and other things. I've had many flight attendants say they are jealous.
    Have a great trip!


    Thank you Cathy, that's a great idea. My concern would be the FAA regulations concerning volume of carry on liquids and must all fit into a quart-sized bag. I will double check the regulations, though. That would be a super fix for sure!

  12. I found DE in small container thus labeled! So not some random white powder

  13. I will also be traveling later this year and have been wondering how to keep up with the protocol. If I get CLO capsules, don't they also need to be refrigerated? If I put them in a smaller bottle, it won't have the right label… And what is the best way to package/label the powdered Adrenal Cocktail recipe for everyone's peace of mind?

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