Bicarbonate besides using the Mag water ?


Is there a way to take bicarbonate besides using the Mag water ? This is the only option I’ve seen mentioned. I haven’t been with the group that long. Could baking soda be added to a protein shake, and taken that way ?

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  1. I have asked this before and never found an answer. hope we find one now. I got the impression that was the only way, I would really not buy more stuff.

  2. I add baking soda to my Epsom salt foot soaks

  3. I've also asked about this more than once. I've got answers to all my questions that I've posted, but not this one.

  4. Lauren Dowd-Erickson, thanks for your suggestion, I'll add it to my foot soaks, but I don't do them every day. A little is better than none at all. ️

  5. Google magnesium acetate. You can make it with vinegar and milk of magnesia

  6. It metabolizes into bicarbonate

  7. How? Mg(CH3COO)2 . To NaHCO3.

  8. Just thinking through the mechanism of action of sodium bicarb, I wouldn't advise mixing it in a shake. Your stomach needs acids to digest what you consume and prevent reflux. If you put sodium bicarb in with your shake, I would think it would make the environment in the stomach too alkaline to digest the contents of the shake. I'd do the mag water or add to Epsom baths. I've heard if you want to consume baking soda directly, just take about 1/4 t in an 8 oz glass of water, 2 hours before and after any food consumption. Don't do it regularly though. This is all information I've read, and I'm no Dr, so take it as you will…

  9. If I do a mag foot soak, could you recommend how much baking soda to add ?

  10. I don't understand the point of taking bicarb, other than for non chronic excess acidity. It just degrades to sodium chloride water and CO2 burps when it hits stomach acid.

  11. Gets Mg inside the mitochondria

  12. Maybe the best way to get it would be transdermally, that way it by-passes the stomach ?

  13. I think in a bath it's 2 c Epsom, 1 c baking soda, and 1/2 cup borax. That's what I use anyway. So adjust down accordingly for foot bath volume.

  14. You can buy mag bicarbonate online but it's super expensive. Mag water recipe is much much cheaper. And super easy

  15. How is the alkalinity of the sodium bicarbonate not compleatly reacted by the stronger hydrochloric acid in the stomach? How can bicarbonate anion retain any buffering capacity in this environment?

  16. Steven, it's a balancing act. Every lil bit of one effects the other. Neutralizing is not the goal.

  17. The body also makes bicarbonate when everything is working properly. It's just that not everybody's GI system is working at full capacity, so ingesting bicarbonate is another way to ensure that the magnesium we ingest is actually absorbed and utilized.

  18. But the strong hydrochloric acid will just break the sodium bicarbonate down leaving sodium chloride, a little water and CO2 gas. How does that help?

  19. Maybe the founder of this group could explain it, but it's way beyond my knowledge. It would be one less thing to supplement, if it's really not needed.

  20. as I understand it bicarbonates are produced as required in various parts of our bodies. Sodium bicarbonate can not however get into your body via the stomach as the carbonate will be converted to CO2 burps and the sodium will become sodium chloride.

  21. Bicarbonate helps get the magnesium in to the cells were the magnesium works. All cofactors are necessary.

  22. HOW? When it is reacted and degraded in the stomach as I have stated.

  23. Maybe best to bypass the stomach, and get it transdermally. I started adding to my mag chloride foot soaks.

  24. As the body makes bicarbonate as needed, and it is simply carbon, I can't see how as carbon based life forms we could ever be short of the raw material ! Perhaps the body's processes of synthesising it can be aided in some ways. I don't know.

  25. I do not know its route to the mitochondria

  26. Bicarbonate can be produced by the body from carbon required. Why increse ithe sodum load unecesarily with sodium bicarbonate ?

  27. That's why I make and drink Mag Water. I prefer sodium sourced from unrefined salt. 🙂

  28. The pancrease produces bicarbonate if you are eating right. Funny how things always come back to what you eat. maybe thats why Hippocrates said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

  29. I just read that too. So to make bicarbonate the body needs water and carbon dioxide. Drinking sodium bicarbonate in water seems irrelevant to this requirement and to just supply sodium.

  30. oh you didn't just say that CO2 is important to life did you. It is a pollutant don't you know, greenhouse gases and all that. Just like the water in clouds, also a pollutant from those bloody hydrogen cars which have water vapour as their exhaust.

  31. Sodium is very important in the body. It is just about balance

  32. It's the dose that makes the poison. Waters essential to life, you can still drown.

  33. CO2 is essential for photosynthesis. Most life forms are rather dependant on that.

  34. So CO2 is not a pollutant and essential to life and an increase in CO2 increases vegetation. The mainstream media make it sound like the end of the world

  35. CO2 has not been rising in the atmosphere as fast as would have been expected considering the human instigated output. That is because the oceans are absorbing much of it where it forms carbonic acid. This lowers the ph of the oceans to the point where it becomes beyond the energy budget of many of the life forms that form the base of the ocean food web,( and that of the world), to precipitate the calcium carbonate shells hey require to live. The web of life is thus critically undermined.

  36. I guess CO2 in high concentrations will kill us in over 100 years. But why is that given more importance than things that will kill us alot sooner. Like the mercury, lead, aluminium, and other heavy metals from pollution. The bees are dying from other chemicals, the forrest are being cut down from other reasons, the oceans are being polluted and the agriculture land has gas fracking putting God knows what chemicals into the ground that the plants can absorb and then we eat.

  37. It's the carbonic acid forming by reaction of CO2 and rainwater that makes aluminium and other toxic metals bioasimilable. Aluminium is the most common metal in the earths crust. It was not toxic to us in the chemically stable compounds in which it naturally occurs. There is an exponential feedback amplification whereby the increase in temperature caused by CO2 greenhouse effect will cause sublimation of methane hydrate ice , releasing billions of tones of it from continental margins where it is structural and from the permafrosts. Methane has up to 100 times the capacity to trap heat via greenhouse effect compared to CO2. All forms of accumulating pollution are significant but the tilt point potential of this positive feedback could tip climate into a radicle different state in a lot less than a hundred years. The sublimation of continental margin methane hydrate deposits alone could cause tsunami on a scale unknown to humanity.

  38. Let it be known I am a firm believer in renewable energy. Electric cars should have taken off 20 years ago when they became viable. I just think there are much more important things to talk about that have a much greater effect on our health and the planets health. I have no doubt the market will force renewables and electric cars onto the scene. The questions that should be asked is what is happening to our food and water supplies? Why are we being forced to take drugs?

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