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I have a question or actually an opinion. Well, my 13 yr old has hashi’s and her period are ridiculously heavy and coming in intervals of every 2 weeks now and her pediatrician and Endo have referred her to a gynecologist to be put on birth control because its getting bad ( she has passed out at school 3 times because of the iron loss in her body) well, here is my question what is a decent birth control that she can take that won’t eff up with her hashis?

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  1. Talk to the gynecologist about that. He/she will like recommend a low dose bc pill. \nI had to do this when I was a teenager for the same reason (I didn’t have Hashi then though) and am thankful because it likely kept me from advancing quickly into infertility.

  2. I just worry about her so much.. Its been a crazy road. The infertility so far she isn’t worried about because she has already made it loud and clear that she does not want to have children EVER. Its the passing out and other effects it can have on her body I worry about.

  3. Common to have fibroids in the uterus that cause heavy bleeding too. The GYN should look for those too.

  4. Ok I will definitely have them look

  5. Idk I wish they never put me on bc. I too had heavy, painful periods which started at 11. I now have pcos that I’m convinced is related to cramming my body full of synthetic hormones for all those years at a doctor’s request. If I could chat with my younger self I would simply advise her to iron out her diet: no soy, gluten, or dairy eventually solved the hormonal imbalance and low grade chronic widespread inflammation that was screwing up my menstruation. I share in the hope of offering real help.

  6. We pretty much are gluten Free. She has a SEVERE allergy to oats, barley and hops. So, right now I scratch make everything she eats. On top of being predominantly vegetarian ( her own choice). I have also been making her eat a lot of leafy greens to help with the iron part. I try and cook as much gluten free food for her as I can. She has a diet at school and they have their own section in the cafeteria at school for Celiac’s and people with allergies. Its just so hard some times.

  7. It is Denise Davis. Especially without the support you need, which it seems many of us lack and have for years. Thankful we have each other! Just FYI eliminating dairy was very important for me, too. Dairy and soy. Prior to getting pregnant, I was almost pale and felt amazing. FYI you sound like a fantastic mother. Keep up the good work. 💛💙💜💚❤

  8. Lol Denise almost paleo not almost pale LOL I’m a redhead so the pale sentence is for life. Ha Ha dang autocorrect

  9. Lol thanks I try to be a good mom.. I just want her to feel normal & some times that’s hard to do when you have to watch what you eat and have the brain fog, heart flutters, stomach pain as you all know.. Oh lord don’t get me started on the sore throats and head aches..

  10. Erin brand is only one low dose hormone I ha bcc a taken it for a few years

  11. I have PCOS as well as Hashi’s. Might ask dr about the possibility of her having it too. There are other things they can prescribe besides a birth control if she does have it.

  12. I will definitely ask him about that

  13. Starting on combination medicin with BOTH t4 and t3 solved s lot of problems for me.\nSince I got Hashi I developed a condition where my blood doesnt coagulate as it should. Does she bruce easily or do bruces stay for a long time? \nYou see, the problem might not be gynecological by nature…

  14. I’m on the implant. I love it as it stopped my period completely after about 2 months.

  15. Has she has her thyroid checked? Plus look for optimal results not just within the range.

  16. Yes she has just recently had her thyroid checked her nodules ( she has a goiter) are still small and her levels are still within functioning range but the antibodies are still high.

  17. It’s lack of progesterone that causes them to be closer together… I was in my 40’s when I learned about this. Synthetic progestin is no good though… natural progesterone (bio-identical) cream helped to regulate mine.. used it for years… helped me through menopause too. See Wellsprings website, for example… for explanations of the biology.

  18. Not sure about an IUD for a child but I got one for the heavy bleeding issues and because the pills made me too emotional…the IUD’s are localized to the area they’re put in. I’m usually against foreign things being put in my body but this was my only alternative to having a total hysterectomy. Started working right away. Maybe not an option for her now but when she gets older. Just a side thought.

  19. Go to a naturalpath and ask them to do a hormone panel she could simply go on the right hormones to balance things out properly instead of birth control.

  20. They are doing blood work,and they are going to do an ultra sound on her uterus make sure there is no fibroids and they prescribed her the low dose patch for 2 months ( her choice) and then we are going to see from there

  21. If she goes on birth control I wouldn’t tell her that’s what it is, tell her it’s hormone therapy instead. Lots of reasons why, from her own choices to how others will decide to think about it.

  22. Nora-be is what mine is called. It’s all meds no week of sugar pills. I had the same thing happen for years through school to me until I was put on this birth control. Now I am 21 and it’s better but not completely perfect. But I also have PCOS so that might be part of mine too.

  23. Also Vitex is a fruit derivative that is all natural and after building up in your system it is believed to help periods and symptoms significantly. My Endo recommended this for me a while ago.

  24. I had the same issues…was put on BC to control it, but was switched to a low dose BC to have fewer side effects. It actually made it worse…I passed blood clots the size of baseballs. They switched me back to the higher dosage BC (it was explained to me by my Dr that the lower hormone pills will make the lining of your uterus thinner and can sometimes tear) and I hadn’t had any issues. I recently got the IUD and I barely have any bleeding now and feel so much better! Good luck!

  25. Thanks everyone.. Her iron was low and they are now testing her platelets and testing her for von wildebrands disease ( hemophilia) because she doesn’t cramp and her boobs don’t hurt her she just bleeds and they want to make sure she isn’t hemoraging. They pulled me out of the room and asked if she was having sex which her reply was “HELL NO” and nor do I want to at this moment in time. But I have BRCA2 gene mutation so they are checking her for that too. This poor kid probably feels like a pin cushion but I would do anything to make her feel better and feel normal again.

  26. The pill will/can cause long term problems later in life imo.
    There are more minerals tied into iron that she’s likely deficient in–check out the mineral mavens fb page for recommended tests–I’d start there because if she has a mineral deficiency taking the pill won’t solve her problem but likely bring on different ones in the near future.

  27. They are assuming her iron being low even on iron supplements is due to the duration and frequency her periods are coming on. She technically is getting 2 weeks with out a period a month and it takes roughly 120 days for the iron to build up and because she is anemic before her period from her prior period then she is not getting to build up enough to replenish what is lost. On top of her hashis symptoms that she deals with everyday.

  28. Vitex works well.

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