Birth control wise?


I have a question for all the ladies in this group.

Does your doctor tell you what they want/recommend to put you on (birth control wise) ?

Or did you choose?

My doctor didn’t let me choose and she picked out my method which was the pill (lutera) it’s been decent. I hate to say it’s been the best option because I’m starting my 3rd month on it but literally don’t have a single side effect except sore boobs.

I’m just curious, I know all doctors are different and my doctor went based off of my weight since I’m a little over weight she gave me a low dose birthcontrol.

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  1. After I had my daughter is when I first went on birth control. My midwife recommended mini pill for post pregnancy/breastfeeding, but since switching birth control around, no Dr has recommended anything over another.

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  5. Mine refused to do iud and idk y.. she said u can only have so many

  6. I told my doctor I wanted to go on the pill and she prescribed me a pill. I wasn't aware of other methods or other doses at that point.

  7. My doctor always asked what I wanted… If it was the pill she would choose one but I would let her know that I wanted the pill

  8. What is the mini pill?

  9. With my first I chose to not take any thing. With my second the ob/gyn suggested a iud, but I chose the mini pill.

  10. My OBGYN and I have always had discussions on which way to go. I do research about the ones I've been interested in so that I can have a good discussion with her. If she brings up one I'm not familiar with, she has this app or website she pulls up and educates me on it and we narrow down the options from there. The final decision is still up to me though.

  11. My dr keeps trying to push paragaurd on me. It was arguement to get the pills since she wouldnt put me on anything else

  12. I've been on both sides of this. My doctor picked my pill for me when I first started BC. I tried both Lutera and Levora. One made me have constant breakthrough bleeding and the other made me feel super sick all the time. It was Me that requested my IUDs.

  13. She did ask what type of HBC I wanted, though..

  14. First time taking HBC, my gyn decided. I told her I wanted the pill, and she gave me a few options with her reasons for suggesting them. She asked a couple questions.

    After trying a few pills she suggested, I researched myself and found one that works. I discussed this with her and she agreed.

  15. I've always been asked what I was thinking of trying.

  16. Normally for me they have always recommended and suggested but have also asked if I had a preference.

  17. I was on lutera for a while I didn't mind it but switched to trinessa

  18. I had a choice

  19. I've always chosen. I've asked my doc what her opinion was between the two options I wanted and made an educated decision based on my research and what doc says

  20. I declined all birth control.

  21. My doctor wanted me on depo which I am now on.

  22. My dr always tried to chose due to my migraines. Now he suggests the mini pill, mirena or nothing because he thinks it can be dangerous. He too will not refuse me something but I value his opinion after 12 years of seeing him lol

  23. Well I go to planned Parenthood for my birth control. They put me on whatever pill (Ortho) well I had an issue being on it after about 7 months and asked to switch to myzilra which I was on before and had a pleasant experience with. They thought it was weird that I was asking to switch pills after 7 months (because the symptom that caused me to switch didn't come up as a problem until 6 months in.). Then they didn't know what pill I was talking about.

    However they did up doing exactly what I asked for.

  24. I choose my own, would not be happy being told what I have to have. That said getting a diaphragm was difficult.

  25. My doctor gave me a choice on which type (iud, depo, nexplanon or mini pill) I chose mini pill but she chose the brand for me (microlut)

  26. I chose my own birth control. All she did was ask me if I wanted her to go over the different birth control or if I already had one in mind. I told her I wanted the Depo shot. So she did a pregnancy test and when it was negative. She came give me the shot the same day. After she told me I needed watch what I ate and to do some type of work outs.

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