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I have a recurring problem that is probably seem disgusting (because it really is) but, need help with. Just this week I have experienced the 2nd episode of black furry/hairy tongue…I also have been having ulcers in my mouth. Can anyone help me understand if this is related to Hashi’s and or perhaps something else? Also, what in the world can I do to make it go away permanently? I go to see my pcp Monday.

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  1. Do you have cold sores too? As for the black furry tongue, I have no idea.

  2. Well, I have what feels like the beginnings of them…I’m really prone to get them so as soon as I ‘feel’ one coming on I begin taking lysine….so far nothing has developed, but it feels like it’s about to.

  3. This feeling has gone on for a couple of weeks. Not sure what’s going on and am worried.

  4. My husband had Candida (yeast over growth) & Oral herpes (blisters). Hairy tongue is caused by bacteria or fungi in the mouth, which make the tongue appear black and hairy. A black hairy tongue is caused by too much bacteria or yeast growth in the mouth. He was put on a special diet, used magic mouth wash, & was given nystatin.

  5. Lynn, I thought of candida…and I do have fatigue (who doesn’t with hashis?), but the fatigue has been xtra/mega…I have no digestive issues what so ever. Am regular; like clockwork. I know…TMI, right? I hardly eat any carbs; just under 100 grams. No recent antibiotics…loads and loads of stress though.

  6. Question: Have you taken any Pepto Bismol tablets this week? Oddly enough that can cause the black tongue. I experienced that after taking the tablets for the first (and most definitely last) time. Scared the holy heck out of me, LOL!

  7. I can’t remember the last time I took pepto. I typically have no stomach issues/upset. Back last year (about this time) and again in Oct. I did have stomach pain on an empty stomach which my pcp thought might be due to an ulcer, however, a 30 day round of omeprazole took care of that. It hasn’t returned.

  8. Also, I keep reading about this condition and it mentions good oral hygiene. I do have that. I floss after every meal and brush both teeth and tongue twice daily. Although I am brushing more often now. I don’t smoke, however, I do vape. I also am properly hydrated per blood work as recent as last Monday.

  9. Thrush?

  10. Eat some real yogurt, not that gelatin milk crap, the active bacterial cultures will be good for the yeast/bacteria balance in your mouth and stomach.

  11. This maybe way off but have you been checked for Sjogrens Syndrome?

  12. Nori, now that’s an interesting subject. I looked at the symptoms and last weekend when I was having an ulcer outbreak I remember a strange pain in my jaw when swallowing on the same side at the ulcers.

  13. Some multivitamins give me a black tongue xx

  14. I’ve had the black Nast looking Tongue before also I have no idea what it was from even brushing wouldn’t make it go away it went away after a week or two. …. I know drinking Pepto Bismol can make your tongue turn black but in my case I know what I was in it

  15. Cheryl Guinto, tell me more about this mold you speak of.

  16. That’s an allergic reaction. Are you taking antibiotics or a sulfur medication?

  17. I haven’t taken either of those since November. I am not taking any new medication other than levo and the vitamins/supplements I’ve always taken. I don’t understand what could be causing it. 🙁

  18. The one thing I’ve wondered about though is that I recently decreased the amount of nicotine in my e liquid that I vape. I haven’t switched brands/maker….it’s all the same flavor/brand, just a lower nicotine level. I also checked online to see if perhaps the maker changed formulas, but couldn’t find where they did.

  19. So….went to see my pcp today. He prescribe for me to take magic mouthwash #8 and if by Friday my tongue is not better, I am to call him. He plans to get me into see an ENT doctor that day. He wondered if perhaps stomach acid wasn’t creeping up however subtly (b/c I have had some acid reflux, but not much and only here recently and certainly not in my mouth), to cause this to happen. From what I’ve read magic mouthwash isn’t going to cure my condition so I’m pretty sure I need to prepare my boss for me to take off to go see an ENT who is over an hour’s drive away. I’m also pretty sure an ENT won’t do much more for me. 🙁

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