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Anyone know how long a person can go gluten free without it affecting blood test for Celiac? I have been gf for almost 3 weeks before my Dr ran blood work for Celiac. He said it would show up as long as it’s under 6 weeks gf. Curious if anyone can confirm that? Thanks

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  1. My dr didn’t want my daughter going gluten free until all her tests were done which included the blood work and endoscopy. She said it would effect results of testing, and in other cases where someone is already gluten free she said that they would have a do what they call the “gluten challenge” you’d have to have a gluten containing diet for 6-8 weeks for tests to them come back accurately ( I think the daily amount was equivalent to 2 slices of bread)

  2. I asked the same question earlier today. I spoke with my doctor and at this point he doesn’t think a challenge would be worth it for my health. Im.going to send to enterolab.

  3. I was “Gluten Free” for months before my blood work (the test the GI Dr ran was a simple Gluten Anitbody) and the results were ‘through the roof’, because of all the hidden gluten everywhere in everything. So yea, you can be consuming gluten and not know it and have a positive test. My diagnoses was easier than most, my illness far more severe than most.

  4. The Celiac Disease Foundation states that you are supposed to consume gluten for 6-8 weeks prior to testing, for accurate results.

  5. Honestly, It all depends because I have celiac and I was practically gluten free for over three months and I got my blood done and all it showed was that my levels went from like 100 to like 27 and he was like your clearly still eating gluten and i’m like I am 99% gluten free, so clearly theres still way of cross contamination. so I think it honestly depends on on a body. cause I literally get yelled at each time i got even though I’m eating perfect. so who knows

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