Blood transfusions and cancer ?


I have a question!? Has there been any research done looking into blood transfusions and cancer ? I had a blood transfusion 7 years ago when I had a hysterectomy ! Was just pondering n wondering about this recently ! Plz send links about research to mi inbox as to not propagate anything on this pAge that this page is not about or for ???thanks

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  1. I suppose it all depends on the exact unique chemistry & source of the blood that was transfused…However, the fact that a hysterectomy was ordered indicates prior biochemical issues that had nothing to do with the blood that given to save your life…

  2. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet, paper won't refuse ink!

  3. I was just stating what I had read about it.

  4. Maureen Smetzer If I may.. Sick blood, due too transfusions will not cause, C (per-say) as it doesn't work that way. Another, words as I have mention here & elsewhere many times before BLOOD POOPS…

    When blood poops it dumps it's waste into our lymphatic system & here this waste-cycle must remain clean & moving in order NOT to get backed-up & cause our (sewer system) LYMPHATIC to over-flow, which if it does, whatever the blood excretes AS WASTE will get backed-up DUE too a malfunctioning of our lymphatic system & organs such as our KIDNEYS & further cause BLOOD to be sick & tired. ‘'Diseased''

  5. Cancer is inflammation in a part of the body and your immune system is not working properly to heal the inflammation

  6. My mum has had several blood transfusions, she had all her blood replaced when she was 35. She is now 94 and she has not got cancer.

  7. Amy Loraine Lohr & others with a similar situation … Areas to remain focus on due to (side-affects) / issues that come from having done a hysterectomy are…

    Keeping the bowels large little to no scent & complete, so stomach & bowel health is necessary

    Endocrine system to keep functions of ones glandular system at its possible highest

    Adrenal glands is major as these glands will help in many functions from manufacturing proper levels of magnesium, neurotransmitters, autonomic nervous system, hormones, etc

    To hydrate nourish & proceed in repairing possibly to use herbs such as white oak bark marshmallow root mullein & peppermint to douche & drink a cup or two per day of this herbal mix

    All of this ^ will help from the pains/discomfort, weight issues, emotional issues to such a level and so forth. 🙂

  8. 2 1/2 years ago I read that if you've had a blood transfusion you are 76% more likely to die from cancer.

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