Bloodroot contains berberine


Bloodroot contains berberine, a substance that fight cancer and brain tumors, andseveral other types of cancers. An alkaloid found in Bloodroot exhibits tumoricidal and anti-carcinogenic properties. One study, published in April 2002 edition of Biochemical Pharmocology, found that the sanguinarine alkaloids caused cell death in multi-drug-resistant human cervical cells; it is one of the best known anticancer herbs and bloodroot has been widely and safely used through the years, with proper care.
One of the main health benefits of the Bloodroot herb determined from recent studies is that Bloodroot herbal extract has certain anti-cancer agent properties that are useful in the treatment of skin cancer. Bloodroot has been effective in treating certain cardiac conditions because they are effective in slowing the heart rate down. Patients suffering from palpitations have been effectively treated with Bloodroot herbal tinctures. The root of Bloodroot has the ability to work well as an anesthetic, carthartic, emetic, expectorant, diuretic, sedative and stimulant. Bloodroot also helps in effective peripheral blood circulation. It has been used in treating liver conditions like jaundice. Its most persistent and possibly valid use is for treating conditions of the skin such as ringworm, skin tags, moles, warts, polyps, fungal growths and the like. In addition to the above, the Bloodroot extract has certain properties that make it an effective insect repellent. Bloodroot beneficial in treating catarrh and severe coughs. For centuries Bloodroot has proven to be effective in treating and curing pneumonia, bleeding lungs, emphysema, whooping cough, laryngitis, croup, common cold and sinus infections.

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  1. I have read somewhere that bloodroot shouldn't be used for brain tumours because it can cause swelling. Any insight?

  2. Thanks Rose

  3. think it is 4 oz for about $8.00

  4. Birdy not knowing what was added to make it into a paste-would recommend you order, start fresh with powder form-can buy from this site

  5. Rose do I dissolve in water to make liquid (is currently in paste form) and what would be the proportion? Sorry I wasn't so clear in my question.

  6. Thanks Rose. Have tumors in my lungs that is why was wondering about vapourising. Have OO capsules already so will start taking like that!

  7. Rebecca if you have blood root powder would recommend getting double OO gel capsules and fill-take one daily.

  8. rebecca, never tried to vapouris blood root, so I have no answer for ya, so sorry.

  9. No link, as can't make it fast enough to keep up with a site-to many hits put me out of business three years ago-now I make to order-which clients enjoy knowing it is fresh. Best and safe- way to take is 1/2 dropper full in four ounches of water twice daily. With blood root more is not better when taken internally.

  10. Rose do you have a link for the liquid? I have a small jar of it, is it just a matter of dissolving into water? How much would you dose? I'm looking at a 16 stone 76 year old male with diverticulitis, type 2 diabetes managed with diet and warfin for a metal valve in heart and pacemaker. Thanks for your advice.

  11. blood root can be taken in capsule form or in extract form-I recommend liquid form for internal problems. I also make a form of black salve-when dealing with internal cancer or illness liquid form is absorbed faster–this is just my opinion, have used it for 22 years.

  12. You can buy or make black salve of which bloodroot is one of the main components. There are many testimonies on this page including mine on how effective it is as a cancer treatment.

  13. My mother used to put the blood rood ointment on her breast that pulled out the cancer and died with the breast that has been treated cleared of cancer cells.

  14. How do you take it? I have a bloodroot powder, can it be vapourised?

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