Boron / borax for ingestion please?


Can anybody recommend decent brands of boron / borax for ingestion please? Eating lots of prunes is not good for my blood sugar

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  1. Borax mule team detergent, will be suggested. I myself can't bring myself to ingest that. And not to mention the box isn't sealed tight. Anything can get in the box

  2. Now sells one. Look it up on iherb or another supplement site.

  3. Muleteam Borax is not detergent. It's just a mineral salt (boron tetra sulfate, I believe). It makes soap work better by softening the water. It IS NOT soap.

  4. 20 mule team borax

  5. What does Borax do for the body?

  6. Boron helps get magnesium into the cells

  7. Oh okay. Thanks!

  8. I just started using the oil on my feet and it hasn't worked yet (only 3 days though) so I might try this!

  9. The Borax Conspiracy

    How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped

    Walter Last

  10. Benefits of Boron Lecture Jorge Flechas, MD

  11. I use Boraxo. I make a concentrate from 1tsp of Borazo in qt of purified water.
    I then put 1tsp of concentrate to 12oz water

  12. Never ever use from Chine.

  13. Jane Harvey – many order Sodium tetraborate on ebay. That is the real name of Borax

  14. Can't buy borax easily in Australia, so I just ordered Boron from Iherb. Not expensive.

  15. If you need to go to the bathroom, nothing works better than taking a tablespoon of castor oil.

  16. thanks for sharing LOL…=) ewwww..caster oil..I'll use it on a caster oil tummy pack though…they feel good.

  17. Nature's Way.

  18. You can buy it at Mountain Rose Herbs

  19. Puritan's Pride 3 mg Boron tablets $4 a bottle of 100; take three before bed

  20. For those that are looking for higher dose boron they do have them in 30mg supplements(arthritis,detox)

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