BP was 119/78. Pulse was 83.


Okay, so I just got back from the doctor.

BP was 119/78. Pulse was 83. People with anxiety know that people with anxiety worry about these things, lol.

So I asked the doctor about my lipomas (a big anxiety for me)… she said that is in fact what they are. She said if they get big enough to see, or bothersome, she will remove them, but right now they aren’t causing an issue, but they ARE in fact lipomas.

Now, for the celiac stuff.
She said that they don’t offer the celiac blood panel there, but told me I could go to another clinic, and it would be $400.

She said, based on my symptoms, and the resolution of them with maintaining a GF diet, that she is going to give me a presumptive diagnosis of celiac disease. She will order an upper GI for me if I decide I want one (will cost around $1600)… but she said that she doesn’t think it is wise for me to get back on gluten for 6-8 weeks to get that “official” diagnosis. She said that she would hate to see me go through the pain of being on a gluten rich diet for 8 weeks just to be told what I already know – that I have celiac disease.

She is doing blood tests and checking for Vitamin B, D, K, as well as iron and folic acid. Depending on these results, I will go back and see what I need to do about supplements and such.

So, all in all a good visit. I didn’t get the “official” diagnosis that I was looking for, but given that she is 99% sure that it’s what I have, I feel comfortable moving forward with my GF diet, and addressing any vitamin deficiencies that I may have.

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  1. Wait to see what and if you have any deficiencies then go from there. If you do I would then decide if the upper gi is important for you once you have some insurance on board.

  2. Wow! Makes me happy to live where I do!

  3. I hear ya. I just paid $1200 for my colonoscopy and endoscopy AFTER insurance!

  4. Sounds like s caring provider and a wonderful visit. Also sounds like you got a lot of peace from the experience. Very happy for you

  5. My doctor didn’t test me for celiac. I had stopped eating gluten years ago because it was giving me migraines. She said I have every marker for having celiac, so I’ll take that as my diagnosis. Also have Hashimotos. Glad you got some answers Ashley.

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