Brain fogs, rash, exhaustion and headaches.


Just a curious question. I went to the doctor for horrible all over body pain, focus problems, brain fogs, rash, exhaustion and headaches. I had some blood work done and everything came back fine except my white blood count and my hemocrit were high. The doctor had no idea why. I have a daughter that has a gluten allergy and since she had moved out we hadn’t been doing quite as well eating gluten free. So a free the first test I cut out gluten and had another test at one month and it was still high but on month two of gluten free I had the tests again and they are now in the normal range. The diagnosed me with fibromyalgia but I really think it was a gluten allergy. Has anyone had these same test results before going gluten free and them get better after? They don’t know there was an improvement but I feel it must have been a gluten allergy. I still don’t feel 100 percent but have added some supplements that I researched and I feel like I’m on the mend.

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  1. It’s hard to say. I have Fibromyalgia as well as Celiacs. You can always cut it back out and see if it improves and that will be a confirmation for you. \nI am not completely sure, but I don’t believe an allergy would present with all of those symptoms regularly, especially prolonged and not just the time after consuming the allergen.

  2. Well most common cause of a high red cell count (hemocrit) is dehydration. But there are other causes. One of which is low vit B12, which is very common of celiac (due to malabsorption and stuff like that) or some other autoimmunes. Which would match your symptoms.

    A high white count usually indicates infection or the body fighting some sort of invader.
    Allergy would definitely do this.

    It could be the gluten.

    However I would urge you to go to another doctor and get it checked out and get to the bottom of it.
    There are other things which could cause both high red and white count- such as problems with your bone marrow.
    Also if it is an allergy it would be nice to know precisely.

  3. I’m no expert, but I would have thought with your blood work coming back like that and your doctor being clueless, he’d have referred you to a haematologist to take a look.

  4. When I was diagnosed with CD…I was told to immediately stop eating anything with gluten in it or anything that’s ever been near gluten. In 4 SHORT days, I was amazed at sleeping through the night….first time in literally many, many years. Then, soon after, all my “fibromyalgia pains started to melt away, along with the “Lupus” symptoms and “brain fog” and “chronic fatigue syndrome.” Now, if I get “glutened” (accidentally exposed to gluten or cc) those symptoms pop up, then disappear again when I get more strict with stay very far away from an exposure.

  5. I never had the tests for gluten intolerance/gluten allergy, but I can tell you I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008; my husband was diagnosed with celiac in may 2012. Three months after I switched my entire family to gluten free to make it easier to prevent cross contamination for my husband, I realized I hadn’t had fibro flareups for a while; within 6 months, I was off all fibro pain meds. Since then, each time I eat gluten, my “fibro” flares up. If I stay away from gluten, I have no issues.

  6. I have fibro as well as celiacs. Six years ago I couldn’t walk. Today since swapping to gluten free I have lost 38kg and I can walk 2km a day. My flare ups have lessened but when they do come they are a doozy!

  7. You might be right. I’ve been diagnosed with CD, then when symptoms didnt let up, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue/ME/SEID, whatever has no cure . Lol! I’m 5yrs GF now and just finally managed to gain some weight and have started to feel better. I have to wonder if it isn’t all because of the Celiac Disease.

  8. I went to doc with same issues. Eosinophils were high twice. I read up on it because doc said if they were high a third time, shed send me to oncology/hemotology. Everything i read seemed to scream gluten allergy. So i cut it out, felt tons better and 3rd test came back in range. Been gf ever since. When glutened have same reactions as my celiac friend. Now working on cross contamination because im much more sensitive now. Been mostly (not concerned with cc) gf for 3 years.

  9. Have your calcium, vit d and parathyroid levels checked. I’m a celiac, had same issues but during a routine blood work up, my calcium numbers were high and found out I had a PTH adenoma. Have since had surgery and feel a ton better. Now trying to see how body norms out and then what impact it may have had on celiac. Or vice vests.

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