Bud light beer?


Random question but I’ve been wondering for 7 months ( since I was Diagnosed ) can anyone else drink bud light beer with no problem? The PPM for this beer is less then 5, is that why I can drink it or is it a fluke my body doesn’t freak out?

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  1. It’s not gluten free

  2. No regular beer is gf

  3. You are still doing dammage to your body quit!

  4. I used to be able to tolerate eating dairy in small amounts when I drank alcohol. I assumed it slowed down peristalsis so my body wasn’t reacting as quickly as it could’ve during sober consumption. Damage was still being done, still allergic lol.

  5. Please remember that just because you do not have an obvious reaction, does not mean the gluten is not doing damage. Any amount of gluten will cause the body to make antibodies, symptoms or no symptoms. When this happens, damage occurs.

  6. Good to know, thank you! I guess I better stick with gf alcohol from now on

  7. New planet is a great beer. Naturally gluten free, not gluten removed.

  8. I drink gf ciders. They taste better than beer anyway.

  9. I wish I wanted to drink some at my Christmas party but my other half wouldn’t let me. (Thank god for him not letting my drunkenness take over)

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