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  1. We eat them all the time, no issues and my daughter’s # is 10.

  2. No issue just weird wrap

  3. It was either this or a rotisserie chicken from whole foods that have me food poising for a whole week. I loved Amys but not anymore.

  4. I haven’t had any problems, I had two of these a couple days ago. The statement doesn’t really seem iffy, it appears to be a clear and very transparent statement that, personally, makes me feel the product is safer than most others…

  5. No they’re good

  6. I love these!!! No issues for me! I

  7. I eat them and like them. I really like the Tamari one and the tofu breakfast scramble one.

  8. No issues but I’m not as sensitive as some…

  9. They make me super gassy

  10. Ive been to Amys for work. Its a big place and lots of walls dividing the building into a lot of controllable spaces for all the different GF and non-GF things they produce

  11. If they say the words gluten free on them, then they must comply with the FDAs requirement of 20ppm or less. They can still be made in an environment that also has wheat as long as they contain no more than 20ppm in the end. I can not eat rice, so these are out for me, but my gf son eats these with no problem.

  12. I eat them often. No bad reaction

  13. They are good for me and I enjoy them

  14. I ate Amy’s gluten free frozen foods often when I was first diagnosed. They were tasty and very convenient for a single person that was not used to cooking regular meals. I kept having gluten reactions. When I brought my food journal back to the dietitian to review, she suggested not consuming so many processed/packaged foods. It did seem to help. Looking back now with more Celiac education, I may just have been “detoxing” and it may not have been the Amy’s entrees. But I’ve been to afraid too try and re-add them. It would be nice to have something convenient every now an then.

  15. I’ve never eaten Amy’s products for this reason

  16. No issues.

  17. I eat them and don’t have an issue

  18. No issues either! Love the bean, cheese with rice!

  19. I eat the gluten free and dairy free one, never had any issues with them, or with any of their other GF DF products!

  20. All Amy’s food is made on common equipment. Stopped eating then be used I couldn’t trust them. It’s sad because I loved their meals.

    I wasn’t feeling a reaction but we all know you don’t have to feel to have a reaction

  21. Love those… just wish they weren’t like almost 4$ for a burrito the size of a regular .89$ one. Price gouge much?

  22. I get Nima isn’t terribly accurate but my understanding is that it’s only accurate because it misses gluten from small sample sizes.

  23. From their site


    Gluten free is practically our middle name. We make over 100 gluten free products, and we were one of the pioneers in producing a wide range of gluten free meals.

    The gluten free statement is expressly defined by the FDA as containing less than 20 parts per million of gluten. In other words, regardless whether the item was cooked in a facility that processes wheat, it may be labeled as gluten free provided that it has less than 20 ppm of gluten. For all of our gluten free items, we have numerous safeguards in place to assure that the items meet the FDA definition.

    We know that some consumers may be so sensitive to gluten that they may choose to avoid any food that could contain any gluten, even less than 20 ppm. For this reason, we alert consumers that our food is made in a shared facility in the event that they wish to avoid such items. We take our obligations in this regard very seriously, and are happy to answer any questions you may have or provide additional information if it would be useful.

  24. No but they have a ton of sodium! 🙁

  25. I had a problem with these.

  26. I ate the green packaged one yesterday and no issues.

  27. Ate one today. They can make one a bit “windy” but other than that, they are great, especially smothered with Pace salsa and cheese. 👍

  28. I love them! No issues, and I’m sensitive.

  29. Just be careful not to buy the ones that are just organic. My supermarket likes to put the “organic” in the GF section.

  30. It will likely set you off if you get sick via contact.

  31. I love Amy’s products!

  32. I have had issues with these but i think its the “style” of food it is

  33. I eat them ok. They’re gluten free, vegan. But my inflammation levels rise if I eat much processed food, so I try to reduce it.

  34. I love most all of the Amy’s product. Don’t eat alot of them but for something quick they are the best. I just hate how they are set up in the freezer….the gf are mixed with the organic and the dairy free…and so on. They need to seperate into categories so that we don’t grab the wrong ones!!! Sometime I spend half an hour looking throught them all!!!

  35. I don’t trust Amy’s products. I get sick every time.

  36. I ate these a few times without issue, then once I got very sick. It was my typical gluten reaction, and I’m positive it was the burrito and nothing else. I’m too scared to eat them again. Mine was the gluten and dairy free one.

  37. I love love them and have no problems

  38. Love them!!

  39. Yikes, I hope not! I just bought like 5 of them tonight!

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