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White eggs were really messing with me, people on here told me to try cage free. I did. I got Shoprite’s brand and did fine then I got Land o Lakes kind at BJ’s and I’m right back to where I was to start with. I feel like I’m never going to have a normal breakfast again! Can there really be that big of a difference in cage free eggs? White eggs are white eggs no matter where you get them. Now I’m scared to eat any egg.

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  1. I raise chickens and if you are buying grocery store eggs there isn’t a ton of difference between cage free and non cage free.

  2. Egg color is just a matter of genetics and has no influence on flavor or conditions.

  3. Yep there can be a huge difference. It’s all in what they are fed or range at or on. You are what you eat applies to animals also & what they produce.

  4. I eat ONLY brown eggs straight from a from a friends chickens and there is a huge difference in the quality. The labels are store bought are all misleading and what they claim is not necessarily true. They only way to get good eggs is from someone you know does not give them unecessary drugs and such

  5. I’ll call her and see if she will sell some to me then

  6. Same here big time

  7. I’ve had good luck with Eggland’s Best.

  8. eggs and chicken became a problem for my celiac daughter, when she eats any she gets massive rash. When she cheats, only use local farmer’s free range organic fed if needed eggs/chicken

  9. egg whites are a very common allergen because the contain a certain protein our immune system responds to. White or brown the protein is there.

  10. My so is highly allergic to egg but as long as egg is cooked in something at 350 degrees or higher for 30 mins or longer you’ll be fine to eat it. When it’s baked into something it does something to the proteins and the body doesn’t react. By completely avoiding egg you could make your allergy worse. By eating it in something baked you can help your body outgrow the allergy.

  11. Egg shell color has absoulutly nothing to do with egg quality. My chickens lay white, brown, tan, green, blue and pink eggs and I promise you there is no difference from the green to the white or vice versa.

  12. I can only eat organic cage free eggs any other type really affect my stomach. I thought it was just me.

  13. We feed our chickens non gmo feed and half actually free range (like to the neighbors and all over) the other half are in a large pen attached to their house (so these we know what they consume and do not consume) my mother and my aunt can eat our eggs but the store bought sometimes mess with them. I think it has to do with what the growers feed them??? Have you tried duck eggs? I have a customers whose grandchild can not eat a chicken egg but can eat duck eggs.

  14. I don’t know where I would find duck eggs?

  15. I recently started getting headaches and sinus issues from eating egg. I’m now waiting to be tested for an egg allergy


    Get your own chickens 🐔 if possible, that way you know what’s in em .

  16. I use pastured eggs. They are the best and you can really taste the difference.

  17. I only eat SOY free eggs..chickens are fed soy feed..I do not handle soy at I must ensure my eggs are soy free!

  18. Eating shouldn’t be this complicated!

  19. I can only eat fresh from the hen herself eggs or I want to die.

  20. My whole life revolves around eating and I hardly eat anything.

  21. Have you tried looking around and seeing if someone near you sells eggs from their own hens?

  22. I have an intolerance to eggs. My doctor says I can eat duck or turkey eggs

  23. Me too. At first I had problems with store bought white eggs,so I bought handpicked farm eggs and at first they were fine,but not anymore. I have not been diagnosed with CD,but I have all the symptoms

  24. I would guess that what is in the egg relates to what the chickens were fed. Most likely a grain based chicken feed and probably contains wheat-barley- rye- etc

  25. It also depends on what FEED the chickens are getting…

  26. Its because of what they are fed. Free rage chickens won’t get corn or processed grains. You might notice that you have an issue with chicken that was not free range when you eat meat. Its not just the eggs. but if you feel it that strongly with just eggs the meat probibly effects you too.

  27. I buy mine from locals

  28. I’m going tomorrow to a lady who her chickens haven’t had anything but bugs and bird seed for over a month. This should be a next step right?

  29. I had issues with eggs and took them out of my diet for a month or so and then gradually brought them back in just every once in awhile and now sometimes daily

  30. I tried eating eggs today for the first time after my colonoscopy and endoscopy I could not do it 😷😷😷 \nThey have not given me problems yet but now I’m a little scared. Huh…

  31. Try duck eggs! My friend does really well with those.

  32. I buy pasture-raised brown eggs and haven’t had any issues with them. They aren’t kept in cages at any time and not given grain feed. Cost a fortune, though!

  33. Eggs are not just eggs. Farm fresh eggs don’t even look or taste the same as store bought lol. Even the $6 dozen fancy store bought eggs can’t compare to real fresh eggs.

  34. My wife and I have 2 dozen chickens and get eggs in shades of brown, white, offwhite, pinkish, green and blue.

  35. My hubby can eat egg whites but not yolks.

  36. The difference between organic pasture raised eggs & regular store bought eggs

  37. So happy we have our own chickens \x3C3 no problems as of yet but they free range on two acres so lots of bugs and grasses for them

  38. I have an issue with eggs. Good eggs actually make me sick but crappy restaurant or the junkiest store bought eggs don’t. Even properly pastured eggs make me sick. I can’t figure it out.

  39. Probably the feed. If you found ones that work for you keep eating those 🙂

  40. Try duck eggs

  41. I raise chickens, the color of the eggshell depends on the BREED of chicken. How you react is what they FEED the chicken.

  42. I have to eat grain free soy free chicken and eggs so it may be related to their diet 🙂

  43. I can only eat farm fresh eggs.

  44. It’s all in diet…and most grocery store eggs are fed mainly grains and corn, don’t get much access to outside…an open door to a concrete platform is not going to give them a diet rich in high protein bugs and worms, which is what chickens mainly eat. If they don’t get that, they rely on chicken feed for their diet, and the feed is too high in corn and other grains. My daughter is allergic to soy, can not eat eggs from soy fed chickens, but can eat eggs from chickens mainly free range and fed organic soy free chicken feed. Chickens are not vegetarians, they eat bugs…in nature.

  45. I tries an egg from a friends place. They are mainly birdseed and what they find in the yard. I got really gassy but didn’t have to stay in the bathroom. I’ll try again tomorrow, if it happens again I’ll have to decide how badly I want eggs. What alternatives are there for eggs? In the egg department? I have a chart that says applesauce and other options. My mom says egg beaters, I thought those were real eggs?

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