Can a Mg deficiency cause or exacerbate OCD?


Can a Mg deficiency cause or exacerbate OCD? If so, how much and what kind can help? Thanks.

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  1. look in to using zinc as well….copper and zinc must balance

  2. Interesting question considering I've had OCD as far back as I can remember but it's subsided quite a bit since I started AIP. Very interesting…

  3. Autoimmune Protocol

  4. My guess is yes. That's all it is though. When my mag is low, I am very OCD.

  5. Aaron Sahrhage – the the recommended testing done and then you will have a plan. The HTMA and these blood tests.

  6. Aaron Sahrhage
    OCD is clearly linked w/ Mg deficiency & Zn/Cu dysregulation… Here's a fascinating article:

    Me thinks the "Auto-Immune Protocol" works is that it eliminates "toxic" foods that put ADDED demands on these precious minerals to detox these foods. AIP addresses the symptoms… It does NOT solve the CORE mineral dynamics & deficiencies…

    Make sense?!?…

  7. Awesome info from everyone this morning . Thanks so much. Merry Christmas everybody!

  8. Is there a link to the HTMA test? Thanks.

  9. MJ Hamp when I click on the "read more/read less" link under HTMA nothing happens. I'd like to find out what the test covers, how it is done, etc.. 🙂 Thank you.

  10. Nancy Schwartz Goldstein

    Have fun!…

  11. Thank you Morley!

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