Can a tooth with a filling and a crack be remineralized?


Can a tooth with a filling and a crack be remineralized? Found out my tmj/ear pain is all stemming from cracked tooth syndrome(barely visible vertical crack of unknown depth) on a molar with a large filling. Dentist recommends zirconium crown (without root canal). Was considering remineralization diet/regimen, but not sure if it’ll work in this case? (((Disclosure, posted about peroxide causing the ear pain a while back, but that’s obviously not the root cause.))) Currently using bee propolis for pain.

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  1. Oh, this took a chiropractor and an endodontist to diagnose!!

  2. It will be hard for someone to say for certain whether or not a diet/remin regimen will work for you but I would try it if it were me. Not sure what you've explored, but check out Cod Liver Oil, vit K2, and of course Mag! At the very least you can strengthen all of your teeth over all. I'm so funny about my teeth so I understand your concerns. Hope you find a solution!!

  3. Try the Ramiel Nagel book for remineralisation strategies.

  4. Yes, that's what I'm considering.


    My TMJ has finally stopped after increasing my transdermal methods of using magnesium! I had pain constantly even eating hurt but in the last few weeks I increased my transdermal methods and the pain stopped! Have you had a Magnesium RBC (red blood cell) test to see where your level is at.

  5. Don't you have to stop using toothpaste with glycerin to allow for the remineralization?

  6. Yes glycerine prevents remineralization

  7. Cheri harkness how does that work? Does it just coat the teeth so it can't happen? Or does it work from the inside of the tooth to prevent it? Curious. Thanks!

  8. Yes, I'm using one w/o glycerine.

  9. Yes glycerin coats the teeth

  10. Wouldn't glycerin then get rubbed off by chewing on foods etc? Thanks. Haven't heard of this before.

  11. The glycerin thing explains why we are stuck in a rut with filling in my kid's cavity. Off to buy more toothpaste!

  12. Elizabeth Price Can you give a short synopsis of how to remineralize teeth according to Ramiel Nagel? Maybe even upload it into the files on this site—–I can't afford to purchase any books right now and I have a cracked tooth and the dentist wants to do a root canal and a crown—-I've been ill with something else and paying for those meds is challenging. Any info would be helpful. TIA 🙂

  13. I'm still not clear if the reminerilazation works for cracked teeth/filled teeth or only untreated cavities. Anyone know?

  14. I'm afraid I'm not an expert but people I know through another forum are using his book. Seems to be lots of raw milk and broth if I remember rightly. I'm sure others know way more.

  15. What forum?

  16. It's a UK WAPF forum

  17. It's tough. Some recommend tooth soap on Amazon but others not so sure. I'm shortly going to bite the bullet and make my own I think.

  18. Many swear by Earthpaste but there was some talk of lead which I never got to the bottom of…

  19. There are utube videos to watch about tooth healing. CLO Rosita, Magnesium, bone broth probiotics like kefir, no sugar,gluten free

  20. I've heard that coconut oil pulling can help with that

  21. I work in a dental office and see many vertical fractures. The problem is bacteria will travel down and it will cause an infection at the apex of the root, or tooth will split and have no hope of being saved. A zirconia crown in a nice alternative to a metal fused to ceramic crown. The crown will prevent futher fracture and possible need for extraction.
    I wish you luck in reversing and reminerilazation of your tooth. Maybe a combination of the two.
    I hope it works out and you stay out of pain.

  22. Ramiel's book is basically Weston A Price diet which you can probably google. But it is basically: daily fermented cod liver oil + butter oil (gives you vit D3 and K2), NO unsoaked grains, NO legumes, NO sugar – incl very limited fruit intake. Lots of bone broths, organic food, offal and raw milk. There is no guarantee though as with everything.

  23. Any idea how long it takes to remineralize teeth? I have been oil pulling w/coconut oil & trace minerals, homemade toothpaste–coconut oil, baking soda & trace minerals, and adding egg shells to my smoothies.

  24. Elizabeth Price could you link to the forum? I'm having a difficult time finding any on this topic.

  25. Kathy Thomas, I was told Monday that my child would need a root canal on a giant cavity. We came home and started CLO/Butter oil and brushing with magnesium oil added to her toothpaste (and I've made her brush after eating every time because the cavity catches large chunks of food). You can already see what looks like remineralization on the tooth. I have a photo of the tooth from Monday and the edges are now white and the hole is noticeably smaller, although still large. She will be going for a second opinion in 2 weeks and I'm beginning to think we might have it almost fixed by then.

    This is with zero diet changes. And I have slacked on bone broth for several weeks.

  26. Lorraine Hawkings WHOA. I mean, W H O A……WOW. To me, that's big news. I always did like Sonne's and several have said how FCLO is better and after being on this site and learning about D3, I just ordered a couple bottles of FCLO! WOW. Thanks so much for sharing that article. Well, maybe we would have heard about it eventually……Now, what to do with that FCLO. Or should I say "RCLO" —Rancid Cod Liver Oil. This means a lot to me. Also, for those of you checking it out – read all the comments.


    My energy do not kick into high gear until I added FLCO! I was already taking the other 3 things that give us energy: complex b vitamins thru local raw honey, whole food vitamin c and magnesium. But when I added fermented cod liver oil my energy level came up!! So happy I am almost back to being me!!

  27. We don't suggest Fclo. Does not have the correct ratio of a to d. Only Nordic naturals or Rosita

  28. Fclo in not in out protocol.


    Cheri… Just checked my bottle and I have Nordic Naturals and not FLCO! I stand corrected on my part.

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