Can any one recommend a nice gluten free beer?


Hello guys, I have one more question today. Can any one recommend a nice gluten free beer please? Thank you!

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  1. Before anyone says Omission, Omission is not safe for celiac’s

  2. Burning Brothers Brewery is a dedicated brewery in Minnesota. (My fav’ us their Coffee Ale, but others like their IPA “Pyro”)

  3. More please… Keep the recommendations coming… I really miss beer here in California

  4. Red Bridge

  5. My fav is a local brewery in Chicagoland. Two Brothers Prairie Path. I can drink Redbridge, but this is so much better. If you are a legit brew pub, there are some Austrian beers that are good – Sorry I am terrible at remembering, but just ask the bartender.

  6. Redbridge is a go to of mine, Bard’s is a good one too if you can find it

  7. angry orchard (fyi discovered the painful way redds isn’t safe it’s got malt)

  8. ^no idea why that linked a buisness

  9. Redbridge is good.

  10. Glutenberg Blonde! The best I’ve tried! It’s light and crisp and tastes just like any other blonde ale, in my opinion.

  11. Oh! Strongbow makes a cherry cider that tastes just like a wine cooler from back in the day!!

  12. Glutenburg, Bards, Green’s, New Planet, New Grist

  13. Angry Orchard…. my husband drinks it but double check the label first. I believe it says “naturally gluten free”

  14. Redbridge is very hoppy

  15. This may my favorite thread on this group. Happy beer drinking, friends!

  16. Redbridge, New Grist, Glutenberg

  17. new Grist

  18. Are any of these dark beers? If I can see through it, it probably won’t taste good to me lol

  19. Glutenberg the most like the beer you know, they have a Blonde, Red, IPA and a Pale. I buy either New Grist or Redbridge for cooking things like beer can chicken and Kielbasa

  20. corona

  21. Not sure if this is available where you are …. But best GF beer Ive ever had!

  22. No. There are none

  23. new grist is gluten free but its kinda gross. lol

  24. What kind of regular beer did you like? That will help in recommending something to you.

  25. Daura Damm is my favorite too!

  26. Im visiting Colorado and they have an amazing dedicated GF brewery! I can drink IPA’s again!!! It’s called holidailey. At Whole foods they also have a nice selection of beers. I personally like the 101 cider house hopped cider…soooo good.

  27. You can request gluten free beers from your local liquor store, but they may just refer you to the products they already carry, like angry orchard or wine 🍷 lol

  28. Glutenberg! I tried the IPA and the Gose and liked them.

  29. New Grist from Lakefront Brewery

  30. If youre sick of overly sweet ciders like i am Anrgy Orchard stone dry, Angry Orchard knotty pear, and almsot any of th julian hard ciders are all great

  31. My Dr recommended Omission, and I was always a Bud light kinda girl, but I was willing to give this a shot. Sometimes a nice ice cold beer on a hot California day is just what ya need. This one was amazing!

  32. Greens is my favorite but it is most likely a special order st your liquor store. Otherwise burning brothers, unita, lake front

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