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I just tried to search the files on this, but every time I clicked a file to see if it might contain the information I was looking for, and it did not, the back browser on my phone brought me to the beginning of the 258 files that only open a group at a time. The question I have is about the Mg cofactor, B6. I haven’t had memorable dreams in years with the exception of when I would eat Chinese food, which would give me nightmares. This week I have been dreaming nearly every night, and while not nightmares, they have been pretty negative dreams. There was a discussion about dreams being an indication of B6 levels. Can anyone refresh me? Does the return of dreams mean my levels are finally increasing? Does the negativity mean I still have a ways to go in unlocking my stress shell or is it an indication it is being released by coming out in the dreams? TIA

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  1. right click on the file and click open in new tab… then you'll stay in the same place on the files page and can go to the new tab to read the file…

  2. Thanks Deanna Dotson, i didnt see it in a file anyhow, but i will try that next time.

  3. Sorry I can't help with the dreams… 🙂 I have kiddos with night terrors… super scary…

  4. I don't think there is anything in Files o the B6 dreams issue, but it has been discussed in several threads. As I recall, unpleasant dreams suggest too much B6.

  5. Vivi and MJ, thank you very much. I knew I remembered it discussed. I wouldn't classify them as vivid or nightmares, but just negative things like husband having an affair and my son being in danger. Neither are remotely an issue in reality.

  6. I found this article too, the stress and blood sugar sound credible. Deanna, I wonder if the night terrors could be tied to methylation issues. Just a thought that you may want to pay attention to other signs.

  7. Last week I had a bad dream about a plane spinning out of control and crashing. I was on the ground and trying to run away from it – I woke up with my heart pounding and breathing fast. I stopped taking my Bs the next day and I'm back to normal dreams again. What was even scarier was a few days later a plane went missing en route to Singapore and hasn't been found 🙁

  8. what about sleep walking, my son has been taking jigsaw mag and B complex for about 2 weeks and started sleep walking???

  9. This is so interesting!

  10. For those of you who commented or may be interested in this thread about B levels and dreams. Last night i had another vividly bizarre dream, not a nightmare but completely impossible. My husband has had a vasectomy and I dreamt that I got pregnant and delivered octuplets. This is crazy!

  11. LOL…. only octuplets, Karie Spencer Bumford thanks for sharing

  12. Pfeiffer said B6 is needed for dream recall. Too much and dreams will be too much.

  13. Thanks Robert Cole. I went from none to bizzare just like that! I have also recently noticed moons re-appeared on my second toes (only ever had on my big toes and thumbs) so perhaps i am holding onto more Mg because i am holding on to more B6?? I have cut my Standard Process Cataplex B from the recommended 2 to 1, since there is also some in Jigsaw. Will watch and see what transpires with the dreams!

  14. Wow, congratulations on your delivery! Lol… that would be a handful! Good thing it was a dream!

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