Can Celiac be diagnosed with only a blood test?


Can Celiac be diagnosed with only a blood test or does it need to be followed by a endoscopy?

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  1. Best way is an endoscopy and biopsy- not sure how accurate a bld tst is.

  2. My sons numbers were in the 250’s with blood work and the GI Dr still wants and endoscopy. So he’s having it done tomorrow.

  3. I had the exact same question still waiting on endoscopy but the doctor said something about my blood test coming back 3 ??? Which means I am celiac still confused going back in next week

  4. My numbers were 144 confirmed from a family dr. All he said was stop gluten. Didn’t say about referring me to anyone.

  5. My daughter had the blood test was very high that hands down that she had it ..but her doctor wanted the endoscopy done .. I cried when they had to put her under .. it was horrible but it was for her own good .. and it showed the amount of damage that her celiac had done ..

  6. European standards are that a diagnosis of celiac can be determined if 4 of 5 things are present:
    1. Positive tTG-IgA, high positive (typically 10x normal, but over 100 is generally accepted)
    2. Positive EMA
    3. Positive genetics
    4. Positive biopsy from scope
    5. Resolution of symptoms on gf diet

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