Can celiac go crazy just for smelling wine?


I have a question? I have had celiac for 17 years apparently but was officially diagnosed with it 3 1/2 years ago. Anywho my question is can your celiac go crazy just for smelling wine.

I worked on a charter bus last night taking people here and there to restaurants and on the bus they opened up wine bottles red and white and beer as well. I don’t drink any form of alcohol. But I am laying here not feeling myself and just bloated as crap and feel like I just want to loose it.

I didn’t eat anything at all yesterday. I went from one job to another so that rules out any food that I have eaten.

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  1. Some have a lot of (sulfites I think it’s called) and they bother me a lot

  2. Wine is gluten free but you could have inhaled some from the 🍺

  3. I am allergic to sulfites.

  4. You can feel like that from not eating.

  5. I’d think it was the beer. Wine is GF.

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