Can gastro issues be sign of more serious conditions?


Somewhat embarrassing question.
What could be the root cause of gastrointestinal issues such as frequent gas problems, especially when gas has very foul sulfur/skunky odor?
Gluten, corn, soy are eliminated. Sugar is light/ low-moderate, no known allergies.
Been supplementing with magnesium, whole food C, B vitamins, probiotics, selenium, boron, fish liver oil, taurine, NAC.
What can help with gastro problems, what could be a root cause? Can gastro issues be sign of more serious conditions?

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  1. I have
    CBS C699T

  2. ok, so it is probably affecting you, do you have others? Suox or NOS?

  3. Not sure I don't see those listed'

  4. My gastro problems healed when my thyroid dysfunction was remedied.

  5. I have the CBS mutation as well.

  6. you took 1mg molybdenum a day and it helped? with food or without? also how can a sulfur like molybdenum help with sulfur intolerance?

  7. I am soooo praying that molybedenum helps me, I took one that apparantly had ammonia in it? Or something, and I had an allergic reaction, freaked me out, so I got molybdenum through minerallife. I am waiting for it to get here!

  8. Sometimes I find it best to get minerals in ionic form… that usually eliminates the potential problem with ofther ingredients and fillers.
    One source is

  9. Digestion issues. Heal the gut- GAPS diet. It's probably dairy and or grains.

  10. MJ Hamp I think the one I bought is very similiar its says Ionic Water. would you tell me if the ingredients look ok?

  11. If you have been using the same probiotic for a while, try a new one.

  12. Danyia Dawson – yes, that should be fine.

  13. I think alot of that is my issue Michelle Allen however, I have histamine issues so anything fermented is out the window, have sulfur issues so very limited on protein, which also means alot of fruit and veggies. Any cleanse throws me on the couch for days, with nausea, dizziness, low potassium etc I have had to resort to acupuncture, chiro, slowly slowly introducing probiotics, things like that.

  14. Life Minerals 500ml

    Your daily dose of easily absorbed essential minerals and trace elements. Give your body the best chance of great health

    Life Minerals is rich in naturally occurring minerals sourced from deposits of humic shale/clay in North America. These huge deposits were formed by plants growing more than 65 million years ago. These mineral-rich layers of organic matter have been protected by a layer of sandstone and contain over 70 different minerals and trace minerals.

    Colloidal Minerals provide the structural material for bone and teeth formation. Calcium will not do this alone. In fact isolated calcium caltrate prescribed alone can deplete the body of other important essential minerals. Colloidal Minerals contain calcium in the most absorbent form on the planet. Minerals are derived from plants; they contain 70 different minerals and trace elements.

  15. Do you know if these would interfere with sulfur sensitive people?

  16. Onions can do that.

  17. Possibly parasites. I am doing a cleanse right now lots of nasties getting killed off. Most of us have them.

  18. Danyia…. I started having worsening histamine issues about four years ago. Now, I can barely tolerate eating much of anything. If your body lacks the ability to properly digest, the histamine and digestive woes will continue to get worse. You are likely low on your B vitamins, especially B-12 if you are limiting animal proteins in your diet.

  19. One of the highest sulfur based is Aloe Vera.

  20. Candida and parasites… cheapest way to go is DE.. diatomaceous earth however you really should do a proper parasite and candida cleanse… 🙂

  21. Michelle … can I please ask how you are doing yours?

  22. Maybe supplement with enzymes, perhaps you are insufficiently breaking down your food due to deficient enzymes and/or stomach acid.

  23. Few people know this but Garbanzo beans can really make smelly problems.

  24. Are u taking natural calm? I didn't read all above If so this can also cause it. It does for me if taken daily

  25. Brenda Bates what is CBT? I agree that Mindfulness is very important. My grandmother used to teach that to us.

  26. Fodmap foods and sugar

  27. Christine Meyer thanks for that. I have been taking aloe vera juice for months and I do react to sulphur.

  28. Aloe vera is a sulfur?

  29. Aloe vera juice has one of the highest amounts of organic sulfur available. This is why is is good for burns.

  30. So for ppl with sulphur sensitivities it's no good? (Aloe vera)?

  31. Cut out MSM for 4 or 5 days and see if that makes a difference. If not, cut out a different supplement and see if if is that one.

  32. I had the sulphur odor and someone told me i was fermenting certain foods in my gut and that i should do the FODMAP diet for a month and see what happened. Within a couple days, that smell was gone and i felt tons better in general. I stayed on it about 5 weeks and haven't had an issue with the sulphur odor since.

  33. Hydrochloric Acid deficiency

  34. Candida and/or parasites. I have candida and perhaps parasites. I am using turpentine to treat myself with very good success. You could check out this facebook page for turpentine, or there are many other pages dealing specifically with parasites and/or candida.

  35. I didn't read all the responses, so forgive me if this is a repeat, but FODMAPS might be the cause. Some people are unable to absorb fructose. More info here:

  36. Did not ready other comments, but what you said makes me say you need a colon cleansing. you may not be eliminating all you colon on a regular bases, how much fiber do you eat daily? You may want to up your fiber.

  37. Your body is made of organic sulfur. Sulfur is one of the top minerals your body and plant life is made of. Chemical fertilizers and overuse of the soil has depleted sulfur and magnesium from our food. A major source of MSM(sulfur) is actually from rain. When someone has a reaction to sulfur, it is just like a reaction to magnesium, you are detoxing the metals that have had the opportunity to build in your system because you are deficient of magnesium and sulfur. It is an important part of your health and recovery. If it gives you gas, maybe you are taking to much. 3,000mg is a normal daily use. If you are using less than that, it is not the sulfur.
    A deficiency in molybdenum and manganese(body trace minerals destroyed by pesticides and herbicides) can make sulfur harder to take. To much molybdenum, to often will keep your body from absorbing copper. Without copper you will die. I eat presoaked and rinsed organic brown rice once or twice a week for a regular source of molybdenum.
    It is best to keep a food journal to see if you can connect the dietary source of your gas. Dairy often causes gas in the lactose intolerant. If you aren't buying organic dairy, more than likely that is your source.

  38. I agree with Dawn, toxins are usually the cause of foul smelling gas and poop. Maybe also try doing some coffee enema's. But done the way the Gerson Therapy does. Maybe food combining

  39. Usually it is too much bad bacteria in the gut. I use Activated Charcoal for a few days and it should stop it. I live in the Tropics so it hits me fairly often and the charcoal always works to stop it.

  40. Kathleen Heinz what is your process for soaking brown rice?

  41. Loud farts are from fermenting carbohydrates. Silent but deadly ones are from purification of meat. Just learned that from the gut health summit!

  42. UPDATE – I skipped my daily dose of Taurine and NAC… NO GAS TODAY!

  43. Eva CA would you please pm me. I tried you but cannot find you. Thank you.

  44. Michelle Nestrovich – I have gone to your page and I am unable to friend you or send you a message. ??? I am on my ipad and haven't tried it from my regular computer. Did you click on my picture and go to my page and try and message me from there. Very strange. Maybe your privacy settings are weird?

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