Can he eat Rice or Corn Chex from General Mills?


I threw out my celiac husband’s Cheerios thanks to info from this group. After ten days, he is feels like he is getting nutrition again. Can he eat Rice or Corn Chex from General Mills? We feel like we are back to square one. Also, can I trust Millvale Corn Squares from Aldi’s? Thanks so much for your help with the Cheerios.

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  1. Chex corn & rice cereals are gf.

  2. Chex is amazing

  3. I love Chex (except wheat of course, haha)- my favorite flavors are Cinnamon and Vanilla!

  4. Chex is my crutch lol seriusly ..i eat as one whould eat chips lol

  5. i haven’t eaten cereal at all in months. i keep being tempted by the cheerios in the pantry. i used to eat them. felt horrible lots of joint pain. i thought cutting the sugar and dairy was helping, but i bet it was secretly the gluten too. much [email protected]

  6. Chex is great (and safe). Esp the Blueberry Chex.

  7. I like the rice chex

  8. Ok so I keep seeing post about cheerios.. New to group.. Please advise why CD patient cant have it? My daughter eats it.

  9. I do rice Chex

  10. I do Chex but not corn because I also have a corn allergy. I also eat fruity pebbles

  11. The GF Chex are Fantastic !!! My favorite is cinnamon, my non GF son thinks that the Choclate ones are three best chocolate cereal on the market. They also have honey nut & vanilla flavors

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