Can I give him mag? What form?


I have 2.5 yr old who is super high needs/strong willed/spirited (extremely difficult temperament) and who has never transitioned easily to sleep. Actually it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to get him to sleep most nights. We have a routine that I follow to a T as it’s the only way I have a chance at getting him to sleep at a decent time. He eats nothing processes and dinner is at least 2 hrs before bed time. I breastfeed him to sleep as it the only way. He will not sleep in the car or a stroller or any other way EVER!! Can I give him mag? What form? And what about mag oil? Would that help? It’s not uncommon for me to spend 2-3 hrs a night trying to nurse him to sleep. I can’t do it anymore… I’m losing my mind!!

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  1. Sound like us before we found out about the mthfr gene. After the girls got put on activated vitamins it made a huge difference! And yep magnesium is great to help. We use diasoporal. But u could stat with something like magphos spray, and an Epsom salt bath.

  2. Sounds EXACTLY like my son when he was that age. Oh you brought back a lot of memories!!! The ONLY way i got him to sleep when he was that age was to give him a bath, wrap him up tightly in towel, lay him on the bed and give him his binky while i put lotion on his feet and massaged them while singing to him. Then as he got a little older it didn't work as easily but a friend had told me to try 'counting him to sleep' so that was what we did for the next 3-4 years! It worked most nights but some nights it was so difficult to stay awake because the repetition would put ME to sleep before him! Just know that it is a sign of high intelligence 🙂 their little minds are always thinking!!! And that someday their 'persistence' will be looked at as a good thing! In the meantime, rescue remedy, lavender on pillow, repetition in some form, reading before bed, dim lighting. (you may be doing all this already but i KNOW firsthand how hard it is to have a child that is high-needs so incase something helps i wanted to mention all! x3C3 (as mentioned above, he has mthfr snp)

  3. 1 of my 4 has been like this (and another is not far off but not quite so challenging). Essential oils were our saving grace. I don't have any suggestions for you but know that you're not alone and this too shall pass. Hang in there awesoem momma!!

  4. Baby wise and put them to bed. As long as they are safe, allow them to cry, go in once every 15 min and tell them nicely it's time for bed, make sure they are sage and then leave. You are training the child to need all the extra attention. They need to learn to self soothe and put themselves to sleep. If they are colicky, Baby wise will save them.

  5. My boy was like this, perhaps not as bad. we had some success with trying to balance our family under the cerulplasim protocol. as recommended by morley. If you are going to give mag glycinate please also try to give adrenal cocktail (potassium, salt, Vit C) as adrenals can be the reason they struggle to sleep. You can make a bone broth smoothie with cacao and banana and potentially xylitol etc. Baths with epsom salts, bicarb and borax.
    Lamb chops and sweet potato chips under the oven grill is my 'go to' option. I'm not sure potatoes 100% agree with my boy so I try to rotate them and only give every few days.
    Consider your own and his stimulation levels. Adrenaline and cortisol are not good. Some people are impaired at removing adrenaline.
    We've cut TV in the morning and try to limit it a bit in the later afternoon. Beach swimming is very good to tire them out and give magnesium and trace minerals.
    Also, I think he's in a developmental leap. When he gets closer to three it will automatically get better – this is well recognised by parents. By better I mean, slightly better and it still might be shitty. 😉

  6. Make magahol n spray bottom of his feet about 1 or 2 hours before bedtime/naptime.

  7. My son didn't sleep until he was 3 yrs old and only after we cut gluten and dairy. No amount of sleep training or routines would do. His body was just "off." It's cheap to try eliminating these two food items (though try not to replace GF with GMO a corn ingredients) if you wanted. I'm in groups where hundreds of kids with sleep problems have benefited from this. Otherwise have you seen an integrative doctor or naturopath? I'm sorry. it's so awful to go years without sleep! 🙁

  8. No advice, just solidarity here! I just finally got my 2.5 yo night weaned but she still nurses down. The only thing that helps us is waiting until she's tired instead of an enforced bedtime. She usually goes to bed between 8 and 9 but sometimes its closer to 10. I can either follow her lead or spend hours trying to put her down lol

  9. Mercury from vaccines causes all kinds of neurological and sleep disorders.
    Detox before it becomes permanent

  10. Cranial osteopathy helped my daughter before that she wouldn't sit in a pram or lay on her back, obviously too uncomfy xx

  11. Have you tried "white" noise, nature or rain sounds in addition to the other things you are doing?

  12. My dd (now 7) had a lot of trouble sleeping until she was around 4 years old. We learned in this last year that she has mthfr and I'm guessing a gluten sensitivity, though we haven't gone gf yet. She now sleeps well, but is still very excitable and emotional and irrational at times. It's exhausting. So no, real insight here, just encouragement that you are not alone. I think magnesium really helps when I do it regularly. She loves the Epsom salt baths with borax and baking soda. I'm going to try the kids rescue remedy too.

  13. I would try Epsom salt bath just before bedtime. Then rub magnesium lotion or magahol on his feet. Play relaxing music while rubbing it in. If music doesn't work, maybe read a book or audio book.

  14. Breast milk contains melatonin. If this seems to be one of the only ways he'll go to sleep I'd work on melatonin. Tart cherry juice has and helps the body make its own melatonin. 3-4 oz 1hr before bed. Passion fruit and goji berries also help.

  15. Sounds like my twins too! One was vaccine injured (sensory issues afterwards). Bedtime turned into a nightmare. Supplementation does work! Magnesium was great and so is ACC. (Chelation)

  16. Make sure you eliminate all red dye from foods, medications, treats etc. Even pickles can have red dye to make them appear more green. Vitamins and cereals are top suspects. When choosing Benadryl choose white pill option.

  17. You might find his c1 occipital joint is tight and bones in the head…that's why my son wouldn't sleep on his back

  18. I have a friend going through the same thing. Mom has taken a 10 day trip to leave mister mess home with dad. When she returns he will be weened they hope lol.

  19. Google sue Dengate fail safe also…my son reacts to glutamates, grapes, chocolate, preservatives, colours, flavours…I make him avoid smarties and sprinkles at parties because he reacts to them quite badly

  20. My daughter was diagnosed at 3 yrs old with hypoglycemia, she never slept, she was very hyper and into everything her mind was always working overtime. After changing her diet, life calmed down for both of us.

  21. Check for dairy and gluten intolerances and any other food reactions. He might actually be uncomfortable

  22. My 2.5 year old is the same. Tried all you have plus cut out dairy due to intolerances. Melatonin puts her to sleep (sometimes) but she doesn't stay asleep. Her little mind wakes her up and she picks up exactly where she left off before bed. Schedule changes and routines are an absolute must or she will be up all night. We got her a weighted lap pad (we don't have full blanket yet) and I'm telling you it works 90ish% of the time. You place it on the torso after they fall asleep (1.5~2lbs) We've also added a lot of sensory play. Swing, trampoline, and coloring actually calms her. She goes down better and when she wakes in the middle of the night it's a quick redirection back to bed. The only thing that throws it off is if there's any kind of schedule or routine hiccup…which for us happens on my nights off (I work nights, which my days off vary, so that is an upset to her normal nightly routine) so generally it's a long night but it's a lot better than it used to be.

  23. Book "fed up" by se dengate was such a help for us. Turns out our son can't tolerate bananas after thy have started to go slightly brown. At the time he was having often two bananas a day. Now when he has them I see how bad it effects him- becomes aggressive, angry, and long lasting tantrums.

  24. Nicki Deem good thread (Rescue Remedy, we need to look that supplement up .)

  25. Genevieve, a lot of what you are describing sounds like sensory. My son didn't like blankets on, didn't like the car, didn't like the tub, … How he is once asleep? Does he move around a lot after the first couple hours? Does he wake often? Any skin conditions like eczema? Allergies?

  26. It is so helpful to Read this post. My son is 7 and still has problems sleeping. He has such sleep anxiety. I am so relived to read all of this. So sounds like he has sensory issues which is likely being caused by gluten or milk issues. Thought It was just us being too soft on him but think this is more of a physical problem for him.

  27. Familiar situation 🙂 chiropractic adjustments help a lot. And yes, it is always a good idea to check for food sensitivities.

  28. I read comments and want to add more: I also thought that " it's just my child" until my toddler started sleeping through the night after chiropractic adjustments. I was quite shocked: I was sleep deprived for 2,5 years until decided to go to a chirp after reading a comment by another mom. Baby lead weaning is the best thing. Believe it or not, they forget how to latch & nurse. Mine was obsessed with breastfeeding & now I cannot convince her even to take a sip of expressed milk. I wish she still was interested. It is a biological norm to breathed for the first 5-6 years of child's life (if they have interest to nurse do long).

  29. Food sensitivities come from a leaky gut and toxins cause that

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